Gemstones for Capricorn

Capricorn has Earth as its element, Saturn as its ruling planet, and lead as its metal. Wednesday and Saturday are its lucky days, and 3 and 8 are its lucky numbers. Blue and black are believed to be auspicious for them. It is most compatible with those belonging to the Zodiac Sign of Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, or Taurus.

Intrinsic Traits
People belonging to the Zodiac Sign of Capricorn are community people. They always think for and strive about attaining community growth, instead of being self-centered. However, they tend to get a rise in their nerve of getting over-ambitious with their wealth goals in life, once in a while. They are highly adaptable, which makes it easier for them to adapt to changing circumstances and changing social environments. It also adds to their ability of attaining success in life. They are flirtatious by nature, which apparently gets reflected in the way they deal with people, in specifically those belonging to the opposite gender. However, when it comes to marriage, they tend to get extremely vigilant with their decisions to make sure that everything happens within the 'picture perfect frame'. They never let arrogance get over them, and thus, can be seen being extremely modest and humble with their attitude and conduct. In their other intrinsic traits, they are stable, realistic, intelligent, and determined.

Health Issues
Though, for most part of their life, those belonging to Capricorn Zodiac Sign enjoy good health, in those slight cases of vulnerability, they tend to suffer from health complications related to joints, gout, and digestive system.

Lucky Gemstones for Capricorn
The list of gemstones found to be most appropriate for people belonging to Capricorn include stones such as Amethyst, Garnet, Amber, Malachite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Black Onyx, Azurite, Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, Labradorite, Green Tourmaline, Fluorite, and Peridot .

Properties of Prominent Capricorn Gemstones
Peridot: Peridot is a green-colored gemstone. It has been described to be an extremely useful stone by many great researchers and legends. One can also find its references in stuffs of old times, including the very sacred Bible. It is believed to be a representation of beauty and lightness. It is one empathetic stone for those with spiritual inclination or those with a precise thinking process. Wearing it brings in positive thoughts and keeps negative thoughts and feelings at bay. It has been found to be extremely effective for those suffering from any of the problems related to gall bladder or liver. It also brings physical strength, assists one to overcome nervousness and heartbreak, supports peaceful sleep, and controls anger. Also, it enables one to fulfill dreams and gain wealth.

Amber: Amber, usually found in yellow and various shades of yellow color, represents for good luck and is extensively used as a Talisman. Anyone who wears this stone gets conferred with the same. It is immensely effective with its healing effect for curing problems of goiter, eye disorders, teeth disorders, bronchial disorders, severe headache, severe cold, stress, stomach pain, jaundice, and swellings of throat and lungs. Other than that, it stimulates kidney and liver to improve their functioning and stabilizes digestive system. It improves one's decision making ability and converts negative thoughts into positive ones. It is an extremely powerful stone, and therefore, one should refrain from wearing it for longer periods.

Turquoise: Turquoise, the blue-colored gemstone, is one of the most popular as well as the oldest of all the gemstones. It is believed to be comprised of immense good luck, and that belief was prevalent enough to make it popular as a Talisman. It also brings on overall wellbeing, increases wealth, and keeps even the slightest shades of poverty and deficiency at bay. It also works as a shield to protect its wearers from the influences of evil eyes and darkness. Wearing this stone also protects one from all sorts of misfortunate events, and therefore those associated with risk-prone professions make sure to wear it in specifically when they are at work. It injects in confidence in one's personality, strengthens the bond of friendship, and makes one more faithful and stable with relationships.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli, the blue -colored stone, represents for truth, royalty, and enlightenment. It is known for its ability to help one gain control over anger, aggression, negativity, and frustration. It strengthens intuition powers and improves psychic abilities. For the fact, it is one of the most prominent stones known for stoutly stimulating Third Eye Chakra, besides working effectively for Throat Chakra. Those who wish to attain spiritual growth must wear it for better and robust results. It clarifies one's thinking, making it as apparent as it could be possible. Also, it enhances wisdom, improves creative sense, strengthens mental and physical state of health, and stimulates pineal gland.

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He's Too Busy Or So He Says – What a Guy Really Means When He Says, I'm Too Busy For a Relationship

What is a guy really saying when he says he's too busy for a relationship? You may be crushing on a guy. You may even be going on a few dates with him, but you're not yet "official". But when you approach him about committing to a relationship, he tells you he's too busy. What is he really trying to say?

Being too busy usually is not a good sign, so let's look at 3 possible reasons you might be getting the run around.

Truth Be Told He's Just Not Digging You

A man may say he's too busy for a relationship because he's just not that into you. He may have been attracted to you at first, but after a couple dates he may not be feeling it.

He might have his eye set on someone else or he may have realized after getting to know you better that the two of you are not really compatible. He may love spending time with you, but he may not have a physical, sexual, or romantic attraction for you.

When he finds himself already waist deep in spending time with you, it's easier to say, "I'm too busy for a relationship" than to say, "Ya know, I'm just not attracted to you that much."

What He Says Is What He Means

On rare occasions being too busy may actually mean he really is too busy. Men are success driven, and he may have goals and dreams he's working toward. A relationship may not be his top priority right now.

If you know he's an extremely busy person with a lot going on, then he may feel like a relationship would be too much to handle right now. It would not be fair to him and it would not be fair to you if you could not make time for each other.

If you think this is the case, then just be patient and do not try to pressure him into anything. Be supportive, and he'll love you for it.

He Loves Being A Bachelor

For a lot of men in their teens and twenties, a relationship symbolizes a lot of unnecessary hassle. Their mindset can be characterized by phrases like:

  • "Why date one woman when you can date them all?"
  • "Marriage is not even in my vocabulary yet, so why should I tie myself down to someone?"
  • "I love being single and living the bachelor lifestyle. It's total freedom!"

In most cases, when a man says he's too busy, it means he's not all that interested in you. When a man is truly attracted to and in love with a woman he'll do just about anything to spend time with her, especially early on in the relationship during the "honeymoon phase". Do not waste precious time waiting for a man who will not make time for you.

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Jewelry Boxes – A Guide to the Best Jewelry Box Makers

Whether you are buying the most basic kind of jewelry box or are in the market for high-end luxury boxes, it is a good idea to know which companies make the best boxes and to be able to identify the brand names associated with quality jewelry boxes . So, let me give you a short guide to the makers of jewelry boxes in the various price ranges.

If you are looking for the most affordable jewelry boxes, then you will be able to find a variety of high quality, mass-produced boxes. In this price range, a good choice are the products offered by the Mele Jewelry box company. They do a good job of combining quality construction and classic style with attractive prices. Over 100 styles are offered each season in prices ranging from $ 25 to $ 375

Their designs include child ballerina boxes, white wood girls jewelry boxes, travel jewelry cases, women's wood jewelry boxes, men's valet boxes and floor standing jewelry armoires.

Mele's wood boxes are available in a variety of finishes including oak, cherry and walnut. They also offer faux leather and genuine leather boxes as well.

In case you are wondering about the manufacturer, the Mele Jewelry Box Company was founded in 1912 and managed to survive the Great Depression by building the boxes that held the Purple Heart's given to war veterans.

They prospered in the late 1940s after introducing a jewelry box with an automatic tray that rose when you lifted the lid. In 1948 Life magazine listed it as one of the top ten holiday gifts. This was followed by a children's box with a spinning ballerina, which also became top selling item. By the 1950s the company was established and was a household name. 50 years later, Mele remains as a leader in its field.

Another affordable brand to look for is Royce Leather. They do a wonderful job of producing quality genuine leather jewelry boxes, jewelry travel organizers and watch boxes at reasonable prices. Their most popular products are travel wallets which sell for $ 40-50 and watch cases which range in price from $ 60-100. These items can be personalized with your initials and are available in a variety of colors. Royce's leather products feature hand-selected leather hides and quality stitching.

Royce has been in business for 35 years and they have established a reputation for finely crafted and innovative leather products.

In the mid range of jewelry boxes one of the leading manufacturers is Reed & Barton. Their jewelry boxes range in price from $ 100 to $ 400. They are crafted in old world style and tradition and big enough to house full jewelry collections. The two most popular Reed & Barton jewelry chests are the "Regal" jewelry box and the larger "Athena" jewelry box. Both are popular gifts for Christmas, weddings, anniversaries and graduations.

Reed & Barton boxes, with their traditional design and generous jewelry storage, make a perfect heirloom jewelry box gift. Their newest styles which are more contemporary have also been well received by those looking for a fresh take on the classic jewelry chest. Reed & Barton is a well-known company, renowned for producing high quality flatware and giftware. They have been in business since 1824.

In the luxury range of jewelry boxes the RaGar name is a brand to look for. Their boxes are distinguished by original designs, high gloss finishes, brass hinges and luxurious linings and range in price from $ 100 to 1450. Every RaGar jewelry box is shipped in a two piece white gift box. In the past 15 years RaGar has established itself as a leading manufacturer of luxury jewelry boxes.

Another high quality box maker is Jere Wright Global. Their Constantine line of products are handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail. Each individual jewelry box takes over 20 days to complete. The care and attention this manufacturer gives their products is clearly evident in over 80 unique styles including exotic wood jewelry boxes, fine leather jewelry travelers, watch cases and winders and crystal trinket boxes.

When you are shopping for jewelry boxes, whatever the price range, lookout for these quality brands and you will surely find a quality gift item or box for your own cherished jewelry collection.

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12 Signs Your Lesbian Relationship is Over

Are you in a lesbian relationship (or any relationship!) And wondering if it has run its course? How do you decide when to bail? Of course there are the obvious red flags, like cheating and abuse, but what if the troubles are more subtle than that. Here are a few ways to tell if you should consider breaking up and getting a fresh start, hopefully making a wiser choice the next time round.

  • You are feeling trapped. The relationship is no longer a source of joy, but rather an obligation for you to uphold. You brace before walking in the door at night.
  • You look forward to the workweek.
  • You are talking to the wall. You've tried to explain what is going on with you and how you feel about the relationship, but she does nothing to address your concerns.
  • You feel like you are doing a disproportionate amount of the relationship-building work. You are the arranger, the talker, the organizer, the planner, the fixer, the doer. If you stop, she does nothing to take over. You are exhausted and hurt.
  • You feel you do not have the strength or the will to work on the relationship, even if your partner does want to turn it around. You simply do not care anymore. The thought of couples counseling is unappealing. You have passed the point of emotional no-return.
  • You are frequently thinking about an ex- or find yourself flirting with someone new. You may have noticed your partner doing the same.
  • You and your partner are fighting more often and more intensely … or worse, you are not communicating at all.
  • Your partner ridicules you or seems embarrassed by you around others.
  • Your partner tells other people important news before she tells you. Not good. Especially if you hear it back from the other person first!
  • Your partner does not consult you before making major decisions.
  • Your partner does not make time for you. You try to make plans to be together, but your partner tends to have excuses to cancel them, whether it be work, commitments to friendships or just household chores. You feel like you are at the bottom of the list.
  • The sex is dead.

If your relationship has 4 or 5 of these signs, as a couple you maybe in trouble. If 7 or 8 are hitting home, you might start thinking about getting out of the relationship and making some plans toward that end. If the whole list sounds like your life, run!

Source by Patricia Cheney

The Kite Runner – Social Impact on the Perception of Friendships

Friendships. The foundation of human interaction. The fusion of two individuals who share with each other secrets, desires, and passions. The term is loosely defined at best, and can never be given a particular set of attributes or requirements in order to qualify as a bona fide friendship. The variations are numerous, and can range from surface conversation to deep neuro-connections and, ultimately, love. In the case of Amir and Hassan in Khalid Hosseni's novel The Kite Runner, the connection between a Pashtun and Hazara is described from both sides, and shows how the perception of a friendship varies from each pole. Hosseni hides and reveals information to the reader until the very end, when we learn that Amir and Hassan connect on a much deeper level than initially implied, as the two boys were born from the same father, and were half-brothers. Many conditions limited how far the "socially legitimate half", as stated by Amir upon his realization of his connection to Hassan in reference to himself, could take this relationship, and the death grip of social division prevented Amir, a Pashtun, from even referring to Hassan, a Hazara, as a friend.

"In the end, I was a Pashtun and he was a Hazara. I was Sunni and he was Shi'a, and nothing was ever going to change that. Nothing." A fact stated by Amir at the start of the Novel. Despite the fact that Amir and Hassan played together, ate together, and even experienced family events, social prejudiced once again demonstrated that it had the power to influence even the most intimate decisions – even if the effected is a young Afghani child. However, Amir does demonstrate some courage in the face of intense racial diversity as he continued: "But we were kids, who had learned to crawl together. And no history, ethnicity, society, or religion was going to change that either.". Amir knew that he was socially superior to his servant, but he also recognized his presence as a faithful companion – a release for interaction – normal that he could count on. However, racial separation is racial separation, Amir could never refer to a Hazara as a 'friend'. He would always be a servant to his family – a social inferior. Association to a Hazara could be compared to the adversity a Hispanic would face interacting with an African American in the 1960s.

Hassan's view is written by a different author, however. One who faces direct racial discrimination and has nothing to lose. Hassan's only friend in the world is Amir. The only one who he can talk to consistently and sees on a regular basis. This dependence leads Hassan's interpretation of the friendship in another direction. He demonstrates his faithfulness to Amir on several occasions – the first example being verbal and only one page into the novel. When asked "What if I told you to eat dirt?" by Amir, Hassan's face hardens and he responds resolutely: "For you, a thousand times over". This quote develops into a recurring theme utilized as an illustration of Hassan's commitment to the friendship. Later in the novel, we are told by Baba: "I see them. When I look out the window I see them taking Amir's toys. He just takes it. Then Hassan will come and fight them off for him". Not only does this reveal something about Hassan in that he is a very good friend to Amir, but it also foreshadows the true relationship between Amir and Hassan, as Baba shows concern for his two boys, and his fear that the "socially legitimate half" will develop into a coward.

The turning point in the novel shows the convergence of 3 fronts: Amir's need to impress his father, Hassan's need to fulfill his responsibility to Amir as friend and servant, and Baba's need to see his "socially legitimate" child succeed. This event is the kite flying tournament. As Amir states as narrator: "He does not appreciate the world of literature, and I can not appreciate the world of soccer, therefore it was very difficult for us to find common ground". The annual kite flying tournament among the boys of the neighborhood was an opportunity for Amir to make his father finally proud of him. Tens of children would gather in the streets and fly their kites, hoping to sever the strings of their competition and bask in the attention of their friends and families. This was Amir's best chance at winning something for his father, and he would not let anything get in the way of that attention, not even the potential of losing his closest companion.

After several hours and most of the day went by, Amir and Hassan's kite was in the final two remaining competitors. The other was a fierce blue kite, who had already claimed more than 10 victims to this point in the competition. Ultimately Amir succeeded, slicing the opposition, and sending the kite whirling into the sky. Hassan immediately fled to run down the kite, so Amir could take the head of his game home to Baba. The eerie melody of "for you, a thousand times over" seems to reverberate off the pages of the book, as Hassan's loyalty in comparison to Amir's is shown in stark contrast as the sun began to descend in the Afghani sky, and Hassan had yet to return with the kite. Amir finally leaves to hunt down his companion.

Amir finds Hassan cornered in an alley, the same alley he had reflected on at the beginning of the book with his father's friend Rahim Kahn on the phone: "I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty-six years." Surrounding Hassan were two thugs and the feared Assef and his two companions. Assef was infamous among the boys in the city for his brutality with his set of brass knuckles, as well as his unbending racial discrimination against Hazaras. Earlier in the book Amir and Hassan were confronted by Assef, who was planning on beating Amir senseless for even socializing with a "Hazara Babalu" as stated by Assef. Quick to action, Hassan siezed his slingshot and aimed it at Assef's eye saying "If you do not leave us alone, they will know you for a new title: one eyed Assef". Assef and his thugs backed down, vowing that they would get their revenge in one fashion or another. Now, here in this alley, was the fulfillment of that unholy prophecy.

Hassan stood resolutely between Assef and the blue kite he had just ran down for Amir. Assef casually offered a proposition: "Today is your lucky day, babalu, because all it's going to take for you to get out of here without a scratch is that blue kite". In an ordinary relationship or friendship, I'm sure most people would sacrifice the kite and returned to the safety of home. Unfortunately for Hassan, he was not in a normal friendship. Amir was Hassan's only friend in the world, and that blue kite acted as a physical representation of his commitment to the friendship. If he gave up the kite, in Hassan's eyes, he was giving up his only friendship.

So instead of submitting to Assef and his cronies, he acted as the sacrificial lamb necessary to tightening the bond between his half-brother and his father. Assef used tactics even more sinister and unholy than his traditional style of beating the hell out of whomever he was intimidating – he anally raped Hassan. And Amir ran away. He turned his back on his closest companion – his half brother – and, whether, he wanted to admit it or not – his friend. After all of the times Hassan had stood up for Amir in the past, all they had been through, Amir could not stand up in the face of injustice and at the very least suffer with his friend. The scars engraved on this day would not recover.

Skipping ahead in the book, we find Amir a college graduate in America, where he had fled to after the invasion of Afghanistan had made the country too dangerous to inhabit. Hassan and he had not talked more than two sentences at a time, and Amir had staged the theft of some of his birthday presents, to make it appear that Hassan had stole them. Amir was incapable of looking Hassan in the eye any longer, and had to push him away. Although Baba responded to this incident with forgiveness: "Hassan, I forgive you", Ali and Hassan recognized that they could no longer live under that roof. Baba had to watch his son leave. Walk out the door and never return. As Amir stated: "Then I saw Baba do something I had never seen him do in his life: he cried". Amir had, intentionally or not, caused a division between a father and his son. His half-brother and his father. This was a bond that would not be repaired after being severed.

Amir and Baba were living in a shoddy apartment in San Francisco in an area where many Afghans had fled. Baba would shortly contract cancer and die, seeing that his son married a beautiful and faithful woman just before leaving. His wife Soraya and he were finally able to settle down, and Amir was able to begin his career as a professional writer. The pieces were all coming together when the phone rang, and Rahim Kahn's voice came through the receiver. This is where we started the book. Rahim Kahn was dying, and wanted to see Amir before he left. As Rahim Kahn was one of the closest people to Amir, he made that trip to his old country, convinced that "There is a way to be good again.".

Rahim Kahn instructed Amir upon his arrival that he needs to find a small Hazara child, who was Hassan's son, and save him from the violence which now enveloped Afghanistan. He proceeded to explain how the child, Sohrab, was the son of Hassan, and how Hassan was in fact Amir's half-brother. Amir's search eventually leads him to a soccer game.

At the soccer game, a man in white comes out during halftime to stone a couple to death for committing adultery. This is apparently the man who was currently in custody of Sohrab. Hassan and Amir's friendship was now engrained so deep, that Amir was no longer able to forget the past and move on. He had to rescue the living embodiment of Hassan, and in doing so recover his tainted past.

The two meet, and the man in white immediately recognizes Amir, who in turn realizes that the man in white, a leader of the Taliban, was his old childhood enemy Assef. The realization set in as soon as Assef referred to Hassan's child as a "Slant-eyed babalu". Sohrab is presented to them in vibrant clothing, and is made to dance. The reader can infer that terrible things had happened to this boy during his stay with Assef, whether that be rape, or blunt physical attack, or psychological trauma, or all of these. Amir manages to secure the child, but only after getting beat to a pulp by Assef. In fact, the only way he made it out alive was via Sohrab's crafty use of his slingshot, as he put out Assef's eye with a brass ball. Life would be difficult for Sohrab, Amir, and Soraya, but ultimately Amir was able to put to rest his horrible past, and "make things good again" among Baba, Hassan, and himself. Friendship always manages to shine through, regardless of how long it may take.

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Heal Your Broken Heart With Heart Touching Poems

Being in love is an amazing experience in itself. Countless days and nights thinking about someone and the moments you spend with them takes you in a world which is far away from reality and seems just like heaven. Lots of promises and commitments for spending the life together is an essence that can never be forgotten. Unfortunately, all the couples are not so blessed; they have to face the separation in the mean of their love journey.

Whatever the reason may be either the circumstances or the misunderstandings, it seems like all the happiness is going too far from their life. At that time one feels that he should lock himself in a dark room and keep on talking with those memories. It feels like the whole world is laughing on the separation of two hearts.

Generally, those broken heart guys love to read their previous chats, messages, and letters again and again. No one knows why people do this while the fact is it's the power of words that take them to rewind all their memorable moments and tears automatically comes out of their eyes. World witnessed that power of word can change an enemy into a friend and vice-versa.

Love poem have proved their significant existence in the life of the broken heart guys. These love separations have given birth to popular poets. Every one of them has their own love story and unforgettable memories behind those words of the poem. If you are also among the ones that are not so blessed to have your partner with you for lifetime and one thing may work in your favor at this time.

Try to write your feelings in the form of poem instead of sharing them with all. Once people will show you sympathy but they will not listen to you again and again. And a time will come when they may also hurt you by making fun of your feelings.

Writing such poems will not only give your heart a relief but a writer may come out from you. With time it may become your hobby which may transform into strength. Though, it's also true no one can forget their first love. But, sooner or later everyone has to overcome from this deadly experience.

Remember that, you are doing this for your own benefit. When you will Because complete one 's poem you will definitely feel View the need to the write the : other. You may notice that different elements of your pain come out of your heart – at first may be pity and then regret but definitely a glimmer of hope will come someday. Just keep on writing whatever bubble ups from the heart to the surface of your mind. Always remember that time is the biggest ointment that will definitely fade out those memories from your life. No matter how far the person has moved away you will definitely learn to live a happy life.

Source by Sarika Kataria

7th Year Anniversary Gift Ideas to Beat the 7-Year Itch

More myths and dark superstitions surround the 7th anniversary year than any other. Even the silver screen has paid tribute to it – think Marilyn Monroe in the 1955 blockbuster 'The Seven-Year Itch'. Although you may have had a roller-coaster ride so far, all that good-natured ribbing by friends is causing a tinge of alarm to run up and down your spine. Yes, we are talking about the infamous seven-year itch!

As the 7-year anniversary looms, is your wife secretly wondering whether she is going to end up as the next statistic in the crumbling marriage market? Does even an innocent glance at a pretty woman that you pass by on the street find her eyes impaling you with a penetrating stare? Boy, it is time to appease all those spoken and unspoken fears and doubts! Surpass yourself (and her expectations) – present her with a 7th wedding anniversary gift like no other!

Take your pick of gifts – exotic and lavish, inexpensive but thoughtful or outright sensual and even naughty. Each gift speaks volumes about your feelings for your wife. Here are some gift ideas especially hand-picked for you.

  1. Copper gifts – Copper signifies prosperity and good fortune and is traditionally associated with the seventh year. Left untended, copper appears dull and old. But, a brisk polishing soon brings back its burnished sheen. (A lesson here?) The market is flooded with copper-themed objects. If she loves off-beat jewelery, then present her with delicately crafted copper bracelets in a variety of designs. You can even go for copper photo frames which have some mind-blowing close-ups of the two of you.
  2. Woolen scarves and sweaters – Along with copper, wool is also the 7th anniversary year's traditional gift – representing warmth, durability and security. The kind that couples who have married for so long share with each other. If your anniversary falls in the winter months, then splurge on some high-quality woolen scarves and cardigans that will keep her cosy and warm when you are not around for some TLC! And, guess what, some really cool wool jewelery is also very 'in'! Wool jewelery is all the rage now, is inexpensive and eco-friendly to boot.
  3. Desk-sets – If traditional stuff is not your cuppa, go modern with a vengeance with desk sets. This would also be great gift for someone who works from home and desperately needs something to organize all that chaos. Desk sets can be a deep, rich wood (mahogany, walnut, rosewood), a contemporary aluminum, or the all-time classic leather (if you have the money to splurge).
  4. A bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers – Unusual yet gorgeous – just like her –flowers are a man's best ally when it comes to wooing a woman. Even if she is hopping mad at you, she can not remain annoyed for long when faced with a bunch of beautiful flowers. Your best bet for the 7th year is a bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers –the traditional flowers for this year.
  5. Onyx and lapis lazuli jewelery – As with all anniversary years, the 7th year also has certain gemstones associated with it. Jewelery never fails to impress a woman with its inherent intimate connotations. Stun her with some exquisite onyx and lapis lazuli necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings or bracelets and her delighted smile will hold you in its warm embrace for a long time …
  6. Ease romance back into the relationship –With the passage of time, the two of you have settled down to a cosy, comfortable routine. That is inevitable, of course. But, did romance noiselessly tip toe out one day and you could not even hear it go? Has her sexy lingerie of the earlier years given way to comfortable cotton pajamas while you, more often than not, skip shaving every now and then? Now is the perfect reason to plan a mini-break such as a weekend getaway. Pack the kids to grandma's house and organize every little detail. Believe me, half the fun lies in the planning and the anticipation.
  7. Pamper her silly – If she is a working mom, juggling a demanding career, growing kids and domestic chores, she probably has very little 'me time'. This is where you step in to do your bit. Shower her with top-drawer bath and body products that promise to get the spa experience home. Better still, get both yourselves booked at a spa that offers couple treatments as well. This means your own private room, with softly-lit scented candles, flowers strewn in the bath and a hushed ambiance. All that massaging and pampering is so relaxing! The stage is set for some lusty-musty jungle passion when the two of you reach home!
  8. The surprise element – If your anniversary falls on a weekday and she works, then it is up to you to take a day or afternoon off (it will be worth it, that's a promise!) And plan a surprise that will blow her off her feet. Prepare a romantic meal with her favourite dishes, place a large bouquet of Jack-in-the-pulpit flowers on the table, dim the lighting and have 'your' song playing softly in the background. When she returns, gallantly taker her bags, lead her to the sofa and give her a neck and shoulder massage. Even as she is digesting it all, whip out the crowning jewel – her gift (see list above). I am sure you can manage the rest …

So, the next time someone takes a jibe, 'You're heading for the seven-year itch', just turn around and say, 'Sure, but I know just how to deal with it!'

Source by Daya Sugden

Relationship Games For Couples – Intimate Questions to Get Each Other Talking

Communication is extremely important in a loving relationship. Talking and listening to each other is critical when you're first dating and when you're living with each other. Without it couples can literally drift apart emotionally and then physically.

If you're just starting or trying to get into a new relationship, sometimes it's tricky to bring up sensitive topics especially about sex. But this is exactly the time you need to be thinking and talking about all aspects of your sex life – all your likes, dislikes, desires and expectations. Learning about each other's sexual preferences and perspectives will make your relationship much more fulfilling. It also enables you to get a better idea if the relationship is one you want to develop further or not.

And if you are in a long term relationship, maintaining good communication is even more important. You may think you know your partner fairly well but we all change as we grow. The assumption that you know and understand each other may be holding you back from creating an even stronger connection with the person you love. Our interests and desires evolve as we learn and experience more about the world and ourselves. Your partner may have shed restrictive beliefs or inhibitions. They may even be more open to erotic adventures and sexual pleasures initially refused – activities you may even fantasize about still.

Sometimes it's hard to find things to talk about or ways to bring up certain subjects. Relationship games for couples can help set the mood, the expectations and the guidelines for discussing intimate questions we want answers to. Relationship games for couples help introduce intimate questions into your conversation. Randomly selecting topics from a broad list makes it easier to include more intense subjects with less sensitive ones. Here are a few quick and easy games that you can play anytime:

  • Ask your partner to start by picking a letter AZ. You then select a word or phrase starting with that letter. Your partner then asks you any question related to that word which you answer. Then switch. Go through the alphabet start to finish if you wish (each player does the same letter once).
  • Each person writes down a list of questions on business cards or slips of paper. Place them in a bowl and pick them out randomly. You could set a time each day to ask each other one say before going to bed or after making love. Add to the bowl of questions whenever you think of a new idea.
  • Each of you secretly write down a numbered list (2-12) of 11 relationship or sex oriented words. On each player's turn, roll two dice twice and use the numbers to select words from each list. You then make up a question that uses the two words for your partner to answer. The combinations can be very weird – if necessary make two questions one for each word.
  • Pick a relationship or sex guide book and ask your partner to pick a number between 1 and the number of pages in the book. Quickly scan the page and find a section of interest that you can ask a question about. Read the section to your partner and then ask the question.

These couples games are well suited for long distance relationships when you can only communicate by email, text message or phone call. They are excellent for online dating too. If you are stuck for conversation ideas or want to know more about a potential partner, try these relationship games and get a better understanding of the person you may decide to meet in the flesh.

It's curious that many people find it easier to have sex than to talk about it. The emotional intimacy you create when you take the time to share thoughts and feelings while listening to your partner in return is priceless. Enjoy playing couples games together and keep your intimate connection strong.

Source by Michael Kortekaas

Learning the Tantalizing Art of Sexting – Text Messaging

If you you all ready enjoying sending your lover some dirty little text messages, here is how to pull-out all the stops.

Sexting: Bring out your Sexuality, Getting Started

Hottest Text messages to make him Sizzle

It is the middle of a warm sunny afternoon, the work day almost over, when you lover comes to mind. You begin to fantasize about your evening. You start craving a kiss on the neck , his hot body getting closer and you find yourself with a sizzling Hot, Masterpiece of Naughty on your mind.

As you take numerous deep breaths to try to find some relief for your vibrantly, intensively active and totally pulsating body, when you realize you are, at this, hot sexual, steaming moment that you are totally alone: ​​your lover miles away. You are hot, warmed to the core both inside and out, and you are consumed with the thoughts of creating the same Hot, intensive, wanting appetite in him.

What now?

Scolding between the sheets Hot Text Messages

Sexting your wild side to your lover!

Want to learn a few secrets on how mastering the art of Sexting so that you can have him intensively engulfed in thinking about you all day long.

Imagine, what the seductive entanglement of the moment would be like as he magnificently, boldly steps closer to you, then suddenly he stops and stares so intensively at you standing there, with only your cell phone in the palm of your hands, sending him one more final "Over the Top", Where has this girl been my entire life ?, oh so naughty: OMG, this is not from my girl, dirt filled– "what I have dreamed of doing to to you all day long" the hottest steamiest text message of the day.

Just imagine what he would be doing next.

I dare to ask, are you brave enough.

Sending the Steaming hot Sexting, text messages ever!

How to Let your wild Sexual self loose in your text messages.

How would you like to discover some fundamentals to releasing the passion for a new, beyond stimulating, Sexual adventure:

  • Well at First, pretend you are some what a little shy, so text but do not be naughty, not yet. Just wait, you will know when it is time to turn up the heat.
  • Next just Start off simple to see how he reacts to the "Naughty" in You
  • Did he respond, if not, do not worry about it, but do not be Sexting him any more either. Remember, you might just be too hot for him to handle.
  • Keep it easy but keep increasing the seductive lure that you are, the rage that lies in the deepest part of who you are at your rawest moments: remember the old saying: too much of a good thing; keep going but just watch the pace.
  • While you are "Fantasizing" on what to text, just put your self on the receiving end of the text and ask: "Will my relationship stand this much heat?" If yes, go for it.

Just in case you do not know but , the fact remains that guys absolutely love dirty talk. The most sensational part of this is, now you do not have to be in the same room to heat-up the fire.

You have the ability the ultimate power to sexually turn him on, turn up all his flames of passion, over the top, from anywhere you want: just start Sexting.

Discover Yourself and Make it "STEAMY N HOT". You can make them as long as you like, but just make sure you make them very detailed and Extremely descriptive.

For the Ultimate response from your lover, send texts that create extremely vivid images of what you want "2 do 2 him". The most seductive, alluring, can not wait to get my hands on you, secret here is to make it ALL about them. Here is where "if you know what he likes", tell him in a text.

Well, sending those Sizzling Hot Sex messages via text has become so popular, that it now has become a "Buzz" word.

Sexting: Discover the art of sending " Scorching Between the Sheets: The Hottest text messages ever.

Here are some examples for naughty little texts to get you started, but I did not think I should let lose on the X rated ones, so I kept it very simple. If you need the hotter ones, go to our site: lovesmax

That's right, believe it or not, the ultimate power to make your relationship sizzle beyond your wildest dreams, is totally in your hands and the resulting benefits will amaze you.

Even if you have been a little shy in the past, this is your chance to shine. Now is your time to reveal that "Steamy Hot" YOU that has been waiting to cut loose.

Remember, I can not stress this enough, the secret here to getting everything from you sex life that you have every dreamed possible, even in your most deepest dream that you would never think about telling anyone, is simple, just remember to Make it all about them and send it in a text. You can be brave, just go for it.

Some more Secrets to Steaming Sexting HOT

  • The more explicit the better
  • Uncover your Witty and be adventurous and creative
  • Make him dream about the impossible
  • Unleash your sexual BOLDNESS and let it loose in your Sexting
  • Be Seductive, yet charming and to the point, just tell him!
  • Use Alluring, fantasizing sexual adjectives and be Lavishly descriptive
  • Take the familiar, the ordinary, and set it on fire. Tell him what it feels like to be washing the dishes, warm and wet from the moistness between your fingers and on your hands, and all the time, just thinking about him. Make it come to life for him.
  • Just tell him, once and for all, exactly what you have always dreamed about doing to him. Unravel and unleash the wild side, the one that you have always kept hidden from everyone else.

Here is some Heat to get you started, although, by now I think you have enough on your mind that you really do not need any more help from me.

Watch out: the Tantalizing Tigress of Sexting is in the House.

We are about to Throw away the Rules !!

Bring out the Dare, get naked and let him know you have absolutely nothing on but him.

  • thinking of U
  • I want U in me
  • touching me … thinking of you
  • I want U, NOW
  • Think of your mouth / hands / body all over me
  • Text him a picture of you in BED with a teddy or nothing: Are you here yet?
  • Waiting, willing n wet
  • You make me soo Hot '
  • Can not wait to FEEL you
  • You make me wet
  • Honey, bring a can of that whipped cream with you, I have a very special dessert
  • Your touch makes me shiver everywhere
  • I love to feel your hard, hard shoulders when you warp your arms around me.
  • I know you are on your way, which teddy do you like the best
  • I have the leopard teddy on, to match the animal in you
  • I'm buying sexy new panties today. red or pink?
  • I am warm wet n waiting
  • I am naked n restless
  • Just had to change my panties after thinking about what I am going to do 2 U
  • Want U 2 C where I want you 2 touch me (include the picture)
  • I as so wet thinking about everything I can do 2 u
  • Tonight, when I met you at the door, kisses will not be enough, so you better start getting undressed now
  • I know what turns you on, and that's all I can think about
  • I read this article about Sexting, and I am about to try it out, ON YOU!
  • It may be hot outside, but it is only going to get hotter when you get here.
  • Bring home the Whip? the tiger is lose in the bedroom? Powered by vBulletin Help!

No matter where you are right now, your mood or your life, Sexting will enlighten your day.

Sexting is exhilarating excitement, sensual- sexual fun, amazing alive with sinful flavor, and it will absolutely have the greatest benefits on your love life.

Imagine, you just sent your first Naughty text off during his lunch, while he was with his friends. As he reads it, an OMG hint of a smile, just crosses the corners of his lower lips, his eyebrow raises, his stance becomes slightly more alluring and erect, but he says nothing so not to reveal his sudden arousal as every one of his thoughts turns to you.

What a hell of a turn on!

Sexting can and will provide the Ultimate improvement in your sex life. So stop fantasizing about better sex, and discover the sizzling world of Sexting.

Source by Roberta Maire

Long Distance Vs Short Distances Relationships

What is the difference between these two relationships? Short distance relationships are right there in your face all the time. You do not have to call them to talk to them or see them they can be right there in just a few minutes of walking or driving or riding a bike there. The man or woman does not have to travel so far to see you all the time.

They might need to go a couple miles but not that far. The man and woman can go out on dates and have fun with each other going bowling or to the movies. With all this for the short distance relationship there are still faults to it as well. The man or woman can still cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend right under their nose and will find out a lot sooner than with a long distance relationship. They can still make you cry and make you hurt just as a long distance relationship can and sometimes does.

In many relationships it is hard to deal with loving someone so much it hurts you or makes you want to cry. Most ask themselves questions before they get into a relationship to begin with. They might ask themselves is this the right person to be with right now? Will I be happy with this man or woman? Can I let myself be happy with them? Will I get hurt? Will I hurt them if I get into this relationship? Same applies in a long distance relationship just with a farther distance.

Long distance relationships are harder to maintain it takes both persons sheer will power to keep it going. It takes determination hard work and a lot of love between both people to make the farther apart relationship work out so well. Working on the longer distance relationship takes a lot of will power and a lot of love you still ask yourself all the say questions you do with short distances relationships, but you also ask yourself more than those basic questions.

Questions such as: Can they wait for me if they really love me? Can they love me from so far away? How will it work with us being so far apart? Those are just a few questions running through a persons mind when thinking about going into a long distance relationship. Yes both types are hard relationships to maintain but there are also the facts that shorter the distance the easier it really is because with the short distances you are least can see each other when you want.

You do not have to wait hours upon hours to see each other or drive a long distance to get to one another. Long distance relationships have more work involved to keep them active. They use the phone on the internet and text messaging on phones back and forth just to keep the relationship in contact with one another. The biggest thing with a long distance relationship is the people have to trust each other not to cheat or hurt one another while they are not face to face with each other. So there is an upside to both relationships both can be successful and the down side they both could fail you just never know.

Source by David A Kay