10 Sexy Goodnight Messages For Your Boyfriend

I always underestimated the power of text messages until I started using them to wish my boyfriend a goodnight. I thought texting was a bit hectic, little did I know I was missing out on the most exciting and fun way to communicate with my man.

Not only did I get closer to him, but I discovered some things I never knew about him. Do not miss out on this new way to communicate, as matter of fact start sending sexy goodnight messages to your boyfriend any you will be delighted with the results.

Unlike long phone calls, you can easily tell if your boyfriend is in the right mood or not. It's easy for people to express their inner feelings by writing them down instead of speaking them. In the midst of sending my boyfriend goodnight text messages, we would sometimes get into conversations where we would discuss other matters concerning our relationship. I personally found this to be a special bonding moment with my boyfriend.

I am generally a shy girl and before I discovered texting I could not tell my man how I was feeling sexually. For instance I could not tell him how horny I was and that I wanted him so badly. For women who have the same character, sexy goodnight messages may come in handy and save you some embarrassment. The thing is you might feel a little embarrassed telling your man that you want to have sex with him, but through text messages it's unbelievably easy to do so.

Here are 10 sexy goodnight messages for your boyfriend you can start using tonight;

• I'm safely in bed. I hope you're okay and so is my Lollipop. I can not wait to lick it tomorrow. Have a goodnight.

• I miss you so much. I'm so horny and if you were here I would tear your pants apart. I'm blowing up! Sweet dreams.

• You're the only man I treasure in my life. You satisfy each and every need I have. Have a beautiful night and may the stars glow over you.

• I hope your day has been fulfilling and rewarding. I know a massage would have done you some good, but I'll give you one when we meet. Until then, have a sound sleep.

• May you have the sweetest sleep and get some good rest while you're at it. I got some work for you to do over the weekend and I want you fresh and ready.

• Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I recall the first night I slept in your arms and I can not wait for some more nights with you. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

• I will wait for you until the very end. I do not mind the stress if that's what I have to do to spend eternity with you. I love you so much. Goodnight.

• Lying here in bed thinking about you. How I wish I could get a sweet hug from you, hear your heart pounding against my chest and make sweet love to you. Sleep Tight.

• The nights without you are long, but you're in my thoughts sleep well.

• I knew you were what I was looking for when I first laid my eyes on you. So sexy, tall and well build and when you gave it to me the first time I knew this was destiny. Goodnight.

After going through these sexy goodnight messages for your boyfriend you now know what I mean when I say I was missing out a lot of good stuff. You do not have to be stuck in a rut trying to figure out what to say to your man just before bed.

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