10 Ways to Spice Up a Long Distance Relationship With Your Perfect Match

Long Distance relationships are hard work. Any relationship takes time, effort and practice. When it’s long distance, all that is harder. It’s easy to fight with your perfect match about stupid things. And it’s even easier to forget how much you love one another. Adding some spice can keep you in touch with one another and keep the fire burning.

A Note About Spicing Up Your Relationship

Remember not to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If you and your perfect match haven’t had sex, you shouldn’t do things of a sexual nature that will make you uncomfortable. If anything makes you feel weird, don’t do it. There are lots of ways you can spice up your relationship that can connect you with your perfect match and make your relationship stronger. For people who are having sex, it’s important to keep that aspect of the relationship strong. But even then, it shouldn’t be the only thing you do. Instead, you and your perfect match should find innovative and fun ways to get involved in the world around you and share it with one another. That will spice up your relationship more than anything else.

10 Things You Can Do With Your Perfect Match For More Spice

1- Send sexy pics of yourself. Again, only do what you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s a friend behind the camera or an automatic setting you’ve set up, take pictures that show you looking happy and attractive. Whether you’re wearing modest clothing, sexy clothing, a sheet or nothing at all, do something that makes you feel pretty and makes your new love excited.

2- Set aside a day for phone sex or cyber sex with your perfect match. This gives you the opportunity to look forward to it and get excited about it. The rest of the time, talk about other things that aren’t about sex.

3- Send packages. With the packages, include love letters, homemade cookies and some candy. They tell the other person you’re thinking about him or her.

4- Buy a voice recorder. Anywhere that sells electronics will include these. Then, record messages to your new love. This gives him or her the opportunity to hear your voice and for you to tell them, in a unique way, how much you care.

5- Learn new things and talk about them with your perfect match. Sounds boring, but when you’re engaged, they will be, too. Whether it’s a course at a community college or something else, this gives you a chance to share and time where you’re talking about something specific, not just trying to come up with mundane things.

6- Make a CD of all of “your” songs and send it to him or her. Another CD of your favorite songs, or songs that are popular in the country you’re at, if you’re in different countries, can be nice, too.

7- Make a puzzle picture of yourself. Break up the pieces and send them to him or her. They’ll have fun putting them together and it gives your perfect match a direct way to picture you.

8- Send online greeting cards. There are millions of them. Sappy. Funny. Sad. Stupid. Sexy. You can send one for every day, just to let the person know how much you care about him or her. You can even schedule them to be sent on certain days. Sometimes, they can be a real pick-me-up on a bad day.

9- Watch movies “together.” Choose a movie, or take turns choosing movies, and watch them at the same time. You and your perfect match can make comments and enjoy the film, even if you’re not really together.

10- Visit. A visit is the best way to spice up your relationship. Even if you can’t spend a lot of time together, it still says that you’re willing to do what it takes to be with him or her.

11- If your perfect match has a favorite radio station that he or she listens to at a certain time every day, call it up and ask to dedicate a meaningful song to him or her so he can hear it. That way, you can both be reminded that even though you’re not together, the distance isn’t impossible, and you can still show one another you love one another.

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you and your perfect match will experience stress and frustration. Things that you could easily work out in person, become big issues and problems when you’re separated. Fortunately, you and your new love can do small things to show that you love one another and that you’re thinking of one another. By putting yourself in your perfect match’s mind, you create ties that are lasting, strong and spice up your relationship so it can make the distance.

Source by Joy O’Toole

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