3 Questions To Ask That Instantly Reveal If A Woman Wants To Have Sex With You – Do You Know It Yet?

It's almost impossible trying to figure out what a girl is really going through in the mind especially when it comes to topics like sex. You see you just never know what she is really thinking about until she directly tells you which most girls do not do so how can one find out whether she wants sex or not? Well there are some astonishingly effective questions you can ask right now which would reveal what her true intentions are. Read on to discover what these questions are and how you can use them to find out whether she wants to have sex with you or not …

What was the best sex you ever had? – Now when you ask this question look at her face and look at the way she looks at you. If you see a slight blush and she looks right into your eyes while answering you than she is definitely looking for some action from your part as well. But if she gets a bit uneasy with this question than she is not ready for sex yet.

How often do you masturbate- If she ends up telling you how often she does it and what she truly likes than she is more than open for sex with you and she would not stop you if you make the first move. You see the moment she is OK with such talks with you, it means that she feel comfortable discussing such things with you and is ready to get sexual with you.

What are your wildest fantasies- A woman would never discuss her fantasies with you unless she is ready for some action with you. You see if she tells you what she likes and dislikes in bed with great enthusiasm and asks you personal questions too than she is ready for sex.

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