Aspects of Human Relationships

The aspect that bonds a person with many different people is human relationship. It is very important for a person to establish a human relationship with people near him / her. Human relationships are very important either in the personal or professional life of a person. You might have heard many people talking about relationships but very few of them actually understand the relationship between human. A human relationship is said to be a mental construct of a person with other people. A quality of human relationship that exists in the life of a person reflects the image of a person. The relationship helps the person to gain the self awareness.

But, let us also understand one thing about such relationship is that it is not only the mental construct with other human beings; actually, they are relationship with different body parts. Probably, this might be the difficult part to understand but once understood, can provide the potential to bring the quality in the life. The good or the evil that you find in other people is actually the good or the evil that you are identified with. The aspect that you never find in life, does not actually exist in your world of life.

Probably, this could be the reason why some people that have experienced abusive and broken relationship have some hard time in relating to the people. Such people look all the relationship with the eyes of betrayal and abuse. You might find the people who are trusting and loyal because of their ever growing swift relationship with other human being surrounding them and they might relate the people with soft perspectives. The relationships can be painted with person's own perspectives. You can use the human relationship as a feedback of yourself to become self aware. Your relationship with other people is interaction with different projection of yourself.

Source by Pinky Savika

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