Avoid Dating Disasters After Divorce – 5 Signs That You Are His Rebound Girl

Oftentimes, divorced guys have one real goal, get into another relationship pronto. It might not even be intentional, but he may want to avoid the pain of loneliness by plugging another woman into his life. In fact, research shows that divorced men remarry a lot quicker than divorced women.

Unfortunately, a lot of these second marriages do not work out either because they jumped in too fast. You really do not want to be the rebound. Usually that just means you are a temporary stop on his way to another marriage. This may mean another broken heart for you.

Be on the lookout for these signs that he is not really ready for a new lasting romance.

Five signs you are his "Rebound Girl:"

1. He falls for you right away.

Guys who start dating too soon after a break up are vulnerable and needy. They tend to fall hard and fast for you, throwing around "I love you's" way too quickly. Always be suspicious if a guy tells you he loves you before he really even knows you or if he starts calling you every day after only one date. If he will not slow it down, it is time for you to exit.

2. After being hot, hot, hot , he goes cold.

After a period of being all hot for you, he suddenly gets cold feet and withdraws. That is because he finally realized how deep he got in and now his fear of rejection has come up. He is not really ready for a real relationship, so he heads for the door. Let him go.

3. He calls for dates at the last minute.

If the guy treats you like you are disposable, you are a rebound. If he does not plan ahead and calls at the last minute to see you, it is not really you he wants to see, he just does not want to be alone on Saturday night. You deserve someone who can not wait to be with you so he makes plans ahead of time.

4. You can see the chip on his shoulder a mile away.

When a guy is on the rebound, he has not fully processed his loss and still carries a lot of anger and resentment toward his ex. He will often talk bad about his ex. When it is clear that he is still jaded about love and cynical about women, let someone else be his punching bag.

5. He only touches base once in a while.

This is a guy who can go all week and only call you once or only wants to get together once every couple of weeks. It is like he is just keeping you around as a safety net. It helps him feel less alone, less afraid to know that there is a woman out there that he can call upon if needed. However, he really is not that into you. He just keeps stringing you along because it is safer than being totally alone.

Keep your eyes out for these signs that you are just a rebound, and you will be able to avoid dating disasters after divorce.

Source by Tony C Edwards

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