Beating Long Distance Blues

In the present scenario falling out of love is no big deal. Sustaining a long-distance relationship is no joke. Some couples feel that nearness increases love but the farther the lover; the lesser feelings of love arise. It is not always easy to keep the earlier flame of love burning but then it requires both the couples’ effort in keeping the thread intact despite the distance.

How can you fathom your lover’s plight of the distance when you are desperate to keep love alive? Having said that though, it is not uncomplicated as it sounds. Physical distance should not be allowed to vaporize the steam of oneness.

If you are the troubled partner at the receiving end of distant blues, make use of the following guidelines to help you keep your spouse intact.

Cut in your busy schedule

If you are a person who has to pray for eight hands to finish work, it is assumed you tend to give less time for your loved ones. Less time can be a major turn off among lovers Make it a point to allocate at least few minutes of the day for your sweet heart. Explain your busy schedule and your purpose of work and that you have to go back to work.

Patience is the virtue

Let’s say you have all the time in the world but your partner can’t even spare an hour for you on the phone. Occupy yourself in planning for a gift or things you would do when you are together. Finally, when your partner comes back, listen patiently instead of picking a fight.

Use the words “I love you often”

The first slump in any relationship is noticed by the lack of soothing words. Each time you talk, always end with an “I love you”. It will make your partner realize that things are still the same and this will also make the bond stronger.

Email and telephone regularly

The best thing about the 21st century is that no matter how far your partner is, you still have technology at your bay connecting you to your loved one. Email sweet notes and greeting cards often. Also, share your day’s experiences regularly. Once in a while, splurge your money on the long distance call. It is always worth hearing the sweet voice on the other end.

Drop a surprise

Bull’s eye! Nothing makes your partner feel more great when they are surprised from the person they love. Send in gifts or something that they have been longing for. Surprises show how much you love your partner and that you are lucky to have them in your life.

Stop being the spy partner

It is easy to be suspicious when something changes in the relationship. Keep your fears at bay and give time for your partner to get back to the routine. Don’t let the distance inflate your thoughts to something which does not exist.

Argue but end it ASAP

Quarrels cannot be avoided in any relationship. You are bound to have arguments on various issues as your thoughts will fluctuate. Don’t haste in anger and utter things for which you would regret later. Instead, relax for a while and get back to your partner to sort things out in a calm manner.

Re-kindle the old flame

Talking about the old times renders warm moments. Bring up the subject of how things started, laugh together and let your partner know how complete you feel with them in your life. No feeling is greater than the feeling of being needed by someone. Always assure them that you would be there for them no matter what.

Source by Chital S Mehta

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