Texting Games to Play With Your Boyfriend at Night

Sometimes, nights can be long and exchanging normal boring text messages with your boyfriend can do very little to stop the tossing and turning. However, thanks to dirty texting games, you can turn those boring nights into one of erotic moments and sexual anticipation.

There's something about night and text messages, somehow you seem to always know what to say one text after the other. Maybe it's the state of relaxation that we find ourselves in when lying between the sheets that make our mind's wander into the creativity world.

To help keep your boyfriend engaged during those nights when you find yourself feeling a little raunchy, here are some texting games you might consider trying;

Story builder … This game involves building up a story with imaginary characters from scratch. The beauty of this game is that you can take it any direction you want as long as it excites both of you. You can make it dirty at some point, funny, naughty or intimate. Alternatively you can select a theme and build a story around it. You can agree on the rules or sets of words and even the character limits just to keep it exciting.

Kiss marry kill … One of the most intriguing and entertaining games, Kiss marry kill is a perfect game to play with your boyfriend when you want to make your night's shorter. Basically, your boyfriend will name three personalities be it famous or close people in your life and you will choose who you want to kiss marry and kill. The intention of this game is to bring out some laughter in both of you, but you can add a sexual twist to it.

This can be done by using dirty lines to describe the actions of some characters in the game which will effectively turn it into dirty texting games you can engage in with your boyfriend during those nights when time seems to stand still.

What if … What if, just like the name implies is an answer and question game. It involves asking your boyfriend how he would react to certain situations. For instance you can ask him what if both of you were left on an island alone. Ask him what the first thing he would do to you. The answers to the questions do not necessarily have to be true, but they should always remain suggestive to pave the way for the next question.

I spy … This classic game is fun and thrilling if played the right way. Start by telling your boyfriend where you are. That way he will know the type of item he is looking for. From there on, send him a text saying, I spy with my little eye an item that starts with … followed by the first letter of the item you're looking for. He should guess the answer of the item you're looking for.

It's either he gets it right or gives up. You will send him the answer and it will be your turn. To bring in a sexual feel to the game ask for items that have sexual attachment to them like your lingerie, his pants and so on. Remember the aim here is take ordinary games and turn them to dirty texting games as long as they fulfill your desires.

I want to … There is nothing as sexy and arousing than telling your man what you want to do at night or finding out what he wants to do. "I want to" game is the perfect game to play if you want to get naughty all night long with your boyfriend. This game can turn overly sensual and leave both of you craving for each other's body. It's one of those texting games you play when you want to set the stage for explosive sex the next time you meet with your boyfriend.

Not only can you make your night's shorter with these games, but you can increase your sexual drive and that of your boyfriend as well. As long as you have a phone, there's no reason why you have to spend sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed.

Source by Connie Lewis

Sexual Roleplaying – What it is and the Best Way to Do It

Roleplaying is simply when participants adopt and act out characters that are not themselves. Sexual roleplaying therefore is when couples act out characters with an erotic motivation as part of a sexual fantasy. It can range from being serious with costumes, accents, props, etc. to just being something that is imagined, like being stuck on a deserted island. Practically any role could be involved in sexual roleplaying as long as both people involved are interested. Pretending to be someone you are not can be fun and exciting when done correctly.

Roleplaying can also be good for a marriage as it may be an opportunity for a spouse to ask for something she has always wanted done to her or done for her, but never felt comfortable asking for. For example, in a roleplay where the wife is the dominant person (boss) she might feel more open about telling her husband (employee) that she wants to have her body rubbed in a certain way that she had never asked for before. The reduction of inhibitions can be great for a marriage as inhibitions are a killer of sexual enjoyment.

Some roleplaying scenarios are:

* Animal-related where one is treated as a non-human animal such as a dog or pony
* Hospital fantasies involving doctors, nurses and patients
* Stranger-related one or both spouse pretend to "meet" for the first time
* School related – Headmistress and Student or Teacher and Naughty Schoolgirl
* Photographer and Model
* Stripper and Client
* Business related – Boss and Employee, Boss and Secretary

If this is your first time thinking about roleplaying, start with something simple, like Photographer and Model and then move on to ones where the acting requirement is a little higher.

Roleplaying is a lot of fun and is easy, but there are a few important requirements:

1. requires open communication
2. It requires a willingness to participate
3. requires honesty
4. It requires not taking yourself too seriously
5. requires establishing rules

Let's examine these requirements in a little more depth.

1. Roleplaying requires open communication – Roleplaying can involve actions that when taken too far, might be uncomfortable for one or both partners. Let's say a couple pretends to be strangers who meet in a bar. They pretend to have different pasts and even different names. As the night continues, the husband begins to feel uncomfortable being called a different name. As soon as he realizes this, he needs to be able to communicate with his wife that he wants to end the fantasy or just be called his real name and continue, or another option he feels comfortable with. Whichever he chooses, being able to discuss that with his wife, even in the middle of the roleplaying, is vitally important.

2. Roleplaying requires a willingness to participate – Perhaps a husband wants to be the boss and have his wife pretend to be his secretary with a German accent. His wife should not worry about whether that makes sense, if she knows what a secretary does all day, or if she has any idea what a German accent sounds like. She should give it her best try and of course, have fun!

3. Roleplaying requires honesty – The husband finds his new doctor very attractive so he gets his wife to pretend to be a doctor and tries to make the fantasy about his new doctor. This is NOT a situation in which roleplaying should be used, nor is it the purpose of roleplaying. The husband needs to be honest with himself about his motivations for the roleplaying. He may not need to tell his wife he is attracted to his doctor, but he definitely should not start a roleplaying session with the goal of thinking about anyone other than his wife. All sexual fantasy, including roleplaying, is just a tool that helps married couples increase their sexual pleasure with each other.

4. Roleplaying requires not taking yourself too seriously – In a roleplaying session, the husband might pretend to be an airline pilot while the wife pretends to be a stewardess. Since neither of them have real airline clothing, they make do with what they have. His outfit leaves him looking more like a butler than an airline pilot which could lead him to cutting short the session out of embarrassment. Instead if he is able to play around and ignore the idea that he looks silly, he will probably end up having a great time.

5. Roleplaying requires establishing rules – Similar to open communication, rules are important should something need to change or stop during a roleplaying session. This might be as simple as "no" means "no" or could be something that has been pre-arranged as in a certain stopping time for a specific situation. A couple should always stay where they are both comfortable even if a fantasy heads in an unplanned direction. Also, setting and timing need to be right (as with any sexual encounter). Perhaps a roleplaying scenario was planned for today and a wife comes home from a horrible day at work. A postponing may be in order. Again, the ultimate point of roleplaying is to have fun and enjoy each other.

Source by Ron Chapman Jr.

Sports and Hobbies in Kenya

Kenya is a land of acclaimed of numerous sportsmen who rule race tracks both locally and internationally, with an abundance of creative hobbies to pursue in spare time.

Sports and hobbies in Kenya are embedded in the country's culture and are used to promote the highly social lifestyles and collectivist nature of the populace. By investing in sports as a culture (shown through the number of gold medals she has won), Kenya has also cemented its reputation as a home of sports champions. The Kenyan national anthem is a frequent tune at international sporting events as sports men and women receive accolades for their sporting achievements.

Notable Kenyan sportsmen

Kenya has nurtured real sports talent that includes sportsmen and women with domestic and international status who have won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals:

  • Great Marathoner Catherine Ndereba
  • Long-distance runner Paul Tergat
  • Long-distance track runner Tegla Loroupe
  • Gold medalist Ezekiel Kemboi
  • Current 800m Olympic world record holder David Rudisha
  • 800m Olympic gold medalist and winner of the Golden League Jackpot Pamela Jelimo
  • Olympic gold holder, Samwel Wanjiru (deceased)
  • Safari Rally driver Ian Duncan
  • Rugby's Humphrey Kayange

Major sports in Kenya

There are assortments of major sports that Kenyans are engaged in from childhood, through school years up to professional level:

Track & Field

Kenya is known worldwide for its achievements in track and field, including short and long-distance track and field, road and walking races, cross country and marathons.

Most annual marathons held in Kenya are for social causes, including:

  • Lewa Marathon
  • Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon
  • Safaricom Marathon
  • Kass International Marathon
  • Kisumu World AIDS Marathon
  • Sotokoto Safari Marathon

Kenya Sevens Rugby Team

In 2012, Kenya Sevens Team finished fourth in 2012's IRB World Sevens Series and had a good start in 2013, with a second place win after England, contesting at Wellington Sevens, New Zealand, which is their best performance yet. The Safari Sevens Rugby Tournament and Safaricom Sevens are some of the local rugby events.

Kenya National Football, the Harambee Stars

Formerly a force to reckon with, the team is presently a shadow of its former self. Internal management conflicts, misconduct among funs and poor pay for players have contributed to poor performance of the team in national and regional games. However, local sports teams such as Gor Mahia and AFC Leopard have a massive fan base and are targeted to change football in Kenya.

Common Hobbies

Most Kenyans have individual hobbies based on their interests and where they live. Rural folks are laid back while urban folks are more actively involved in their hobbies. There are hobbies common across ages, gender, social status and regions in Kenya that include:

  • Attending major events such as festivals, fashion shows, sport matches, political and religious rallies
  • Going to theatres and movie cinemas
  • Reading
  • Watching home movies and listening to music
  • Watching local television and radio channels
  • Travelling and touring
  • Karaoke (there's a growing karaoke culture in urban Kenya)

Most young people consider logging into social media as a hobby, checking their accounts at least thrice a day. With almost every Kenyan having a mobile phone, their spare time is spent in mobile messaging, browsing the internet and socializing through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Source by James E Harrison

Satisfying Your Middle Aged Wife and Bringing Back the Spark

Satisfying your middle aged wife is just like satisfying any woman, the distinct advantage you have is the fact that you know her likes and dislikes. Some men say that this is harder because things may have got a little stale but it does not take long to bring back the spark which may have started to burn lower. You can start by remembering how things used to be when you first started dating and compare them to how they are now.

I realise that you may have started dating 20+ years ago and you are not as fit as you used to be but in reality, these are just excuses. If you truly love someone you will find ways to be happy.

Things may have got a little stale but there are so many ways to satisfy her, remember – sex makes up only a small percentage of love making. Let's talk about being sensual, there are massage techniques which when used with aromatic oils can really arouse her.

Get away for a long weekend break, just walk into the house one Friday and tell her that you've booked a room at a lovely hotel, her bags are packed and all she has to do is get in the car. Once you get settled into the room, call room service for some champagne and strawberries, once you have your order let her know that you've sent her clothes and yours to be cleaned and inform her that you did not pack any more.

Sex toys are not just for lonely old housewives, men should really learn how to use the products to the best of their ability. We always used to think that a woman who owned a vibrator would use it when her husband was at work or away at a meeting. Sex toys should be used to add spice to your sex life. Do not forget guys, there are sex toys out there for men too.

It's a well know fact that women reach their sexual peak when they're in their forties, what is not so documented is that they keep their sexual peak for a long time.

Source by Dale Rafferty

Your Sexual Health – Do You Know How Sexual Abstinence Harms Your Health and Happiness?

Doctors tell us that sexual abstinence can harm the physical and psychic health of men and women. Find out how you can reverse the harmful side effects of abstinence with or without a sexual partner.

How can sexual abstinence harm your health?

You may be grieving the loss of your romantic partner or a loss of sexual intimacy in a relationship, and the process of grieving takes a huge toll on your health. When your thoughts turn to loss and dis-ease, you lose the health benefits of feeling love and gratitude – our two healing emotions.

You may feel content on your own without a sexual partner, yet the lack of sexual activity takes its health toll.

Men and women who abstain from sex for long periods can develop problems with sexual function.

Men may experience issues concerning erection and ejaculation. Testosterone levels may fall and reduce desire.

Women may suffer a loss of arousal, vaginal lubrication and an inability to climax. Estrogen levels may fall and bad cholesterol may rise.

Fortunately, these conditions may reverse and return to normal after you resume sexual activity.

Men and women who abstain from sex miss out on these health benefits of sexual activity:

– Ease in handling stress

– Speedy cell repair and regeneration

– Increased intimacy hormones that elevate mood

– Greater blood flow to brain that improves memory

– Stronger immune system and less fatigue or illness

– Younger skin and less body fat from human growth hormone produced during sex

– Extended longevity

If you do not have a sexual partner, is there another way to gain these health benefits?

Researchers report that our sexual health must be maintained by a regular and active sex life.

If you do not have a sexual partner, there are several ways to avoid or reverse the side effects of sexual abstinence:

* Substitute sex with masturbation

– Men often masturbate, even when their sex life is in order.

– Many women do not masturbate, even when deprived of sex.

– Some religions view it as sinful, unacceptable behavior.

– Sexual researchers report that masturbation is one way to maintain sexual and psychic health. Here is another:

* Use sex toys

– They are used by adults who can not make love with a beloved partner, yet they do not want to sleep around.

– There are vibrators, realistic dolls, dildos that are safe tools for sexual release.

– Unlike casual sex with a partner, the sex toys can not expose you to STDs.

– They stimulate the health benefits of an active sex life.

* Develop sexual intimacy in a relationship

– Improve your existing relationship so that you revive the spark of sexual fire for an active, healthy sex life.

– Find a compatible match for a loving, passionate relationship through matchmaking services or online dating sites.

– Health studies confirm that you will age better and sustain healthy vitality when you enjoy an active sex life.

Source by Hadley Finch

Getting Creative With Your Cardio at Home or at the Gym

Cardio exercises are a must when it comes to being fit or shedding fat, but that does not mean you do not have options. Cardio does a lot for your health in general, it increases your metabolism, burns fat, makes your heart and blood vessels healthier, decreases your blood pressure, increases your stamina, improves your sex life and the list goes on.

With all that I have stated doing the same thing day in day out might bore you so much that you could forget the benefits of cardio, so I'm going to give you other alternative ways to do your cardio that are not the traditional, steady pace jogging or cycling that everyone associates with cardio.

What most people think is that the longer you do an activity such as jogging the more you will get out of the workout, which is not true but may be true if you are talking about steady pace cardio. Doing something like jogging for a long distance is also time consuming and if you do too much cardio or too long of a distance you might find that it holds you back in terms of muscle gain, if that is what you are after.

How to get creative with your cardio:

First thing you can try is to change your traditional cardio workouts into more fast paced, interval sessions. What I mean is you can train in short intense intervals by timing yourself on a bike or treadmill and increasing the intensity in each interval. This would not require a lot of time and you would have one hell of a workout. In fact you will be burning calories long after you have worked out, but your time spent working out would be less than if you did the traditional steady pace stuff.

You could try doing sprints which is another form of interval training, running between cones. Taking short breaks and doing it again and increasing the distance and trying to run as fast as possible, short break again increasing the distance a little and go at it hard again, you get the idea. This would be a short intense and fun workout, obviously its short because it takes more effort and we can not sprint for long distances or long periods of time. The cool thing with sprints is that you get the benefits of traditional cardio and you built lean muscular legs, you have noticed that sprinters are jacked compared to long distance runners.

Other cardio exercises you could try includes martial art such as MMA, Kick boxing, karate etc. You could also play sports if you have time such as soccer, tennis, hockey or any other high activity sport. You could try swimming if you love the water; swimming is one of the better forms of cardio since it has less impact on your body and joints because the water supports your body weight.

There are a lot of alternatives to traditional cardio, it's up to you to find the ones that you like best, most of them are just fun and most people do not even know they are doing a cardio exercise. Just think of dancers they do cardio and have fun the same time. So go out there and find what works for you, no more excuses and no more boring cardio sessions.

Source by Eugene Madondo

The Pros and Cons of the 4 Triathlon Distances

Although there are creative variations on the traditional triathlon distances (such as some races that make the swim longer to appease the fish among us, or the races that make the bike longer to make us feel like we're getting deserved mileage from our multi- thousand dollar time trial bike, or the races that make the run longer to simply be masochistic and cruel), there are generally 4 triathlon distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman and Ironman. So to help you with your triathlon race season preparation, here's a quick peek at the pros and cons of each triathlon distance.


Pros – Imagine an overweight, sedentary individual sitting on the couch and licking Cheetos residue off their fingers. Technically, it would be possible for that person to be standing on the starting line of a Sprint triathlon just 12-16 weeks later. This is because since sprint triathlon distances are short, they have a low barrier to entry and do not require extensive physical preparation. You only need to be able to swim 400-600 meters (8-12 laps in a pool), ride a bicycle 10-15 miles, and run or walk 2-4 miles, and this requires continuously exercising for about 50 minutes to 2 hours. This may be tough for some, but it is do-able for most. Furthermore, if you're fit or experienced in triathlon, and you want to go faster in a Sprint triathlon, it will take less training time than the longer distances, so it's pretty rare for Sprint triathlon distance to be a family-wrecker.

Cons – Sprint triathlons do not carry much notoriety. You may become offended when someone asks you how your "Mini-Triathlon" went. And if you do decide to go fast or shoot for a podium spot, a sprint triathlon is going to hurt, a lot. You'll need to be at a red hot high-intensity effort near maximum heart rate for about 2-3 times as long as a 5K run. That's a zone that's tough for most to get into, but the price you have to pay if you want to win or place in a Sprint triathlon distance. Another possible con for many is that you simply don¹t have much time to eat food during a Sprint triathlon, so those who compete in order to have access to a moving buffet of gels and cookies will be disappointed.


Pros – As the name implies, the Olympic distance is pretty much the same triathlon distance covered in the Olympics (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run), so when someone asks you if you did a "Mini-Triathlon", you can respond by saying, "No, I did exactly what they do in the Olympics". This will probably make you feel good inside, and at the same time, you still do not have to train quite as much as the Half-Ironman and Ironman triathletes, so your spouse, kids, family and friends will not find you a complete stranger. If you're a triathlon junkie, you can do a ton of Olympic distances races in a year, and not have a high risk of overtraining or injury, since they're relatively short and you'll recover quickly. Plus, you actually get to eat a little bit. Bon appetit.

Cons – At the same time, the intensity of your Olympic triathlon distance training will be far greater than the Half-Ironman and Ironman triathlon. So, similar to Sprint triathlon, you need to be willing to go into the pain cave far more often. If you're not fit, it's still possible to get roped into an Olympic distance triathlon by your peers, who will probably say something like, "C'mon, it's just 25% of an Ironman." When you reach the 5K point of the run, however, you will be planning revenge on these peers. And if you do want to get on the podium for an Olympic distance race, be ready to execute flawlessly, since the tiniest mistakes can cost you precious seconds that add up very quickly for this triathlon distance.


Pros – Congratulations, you know have bragging rights for having completed a triathlon distance that contains the word "Ironman", without actually having to give up your entire day. As a matter of fact, in many Half-Ironman events, you can be done by lunch, feel very good about yourself, and still have the rest of the day to make excuses not to mow the lawn ( "C'mon, I just did an Ironman event! ") or to go drink lots of cold beer. If you do not like the red-hot intensity of Sprint and Olympic distance training and racing, but do not have the time to devote to Ironman, then this triathlon distance is a nice compromise. Plus, you can travel long distances to race a Half-Ironman without the same type of race day stress as you experience in Ironman. Finally, if you make a mistake during a Half-Ironman race, such as remembering to poo halfway through the half-marathon, you'll still have lots of time to make up for those lost seconds.

Cons – With all the training and effort you you'll put in for a Half-Ironman triathlon distance, you'll sometimes find yourself asking the question, "Why did not I just sign up for an Ironman?". After all, you're typically just as sore the next day after a Half-Ironman as an Ironman, and you still have to do lots of logistical race planning when it comes to hydration, electrolytes or food. Also, the "Half" part of "Half Ironman" does not lend itself quite as well to bragging rights ( "You only did half of it? How come? Did you quit halfway through?"), But you'll sound desperate and boring trying to explain what a 70.3 is ( "Well, a full Ironman is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run, which is 140.6 miles, but what I've done … dude, wake up." )


Pros – It's Ironman, for crying out loud. This event has been elevated to tattoo-worthiness status. Did you hear me? You get to swim 2.4 miles, ride 112 miles, run a marathon, and then get a tattoo and your parents will still be proud of you. Heck, your boss probably will too. Unless you're a musician, Harley fanatic or artist, in what other social situation are tattoos acceptable? Even if you skip out on the tattoo, you'll have bragging rights for life, you'll feel very good about yourself, and you will get to eat over 4000 calories a day and stay skinny.

Cons – Ironman is a logistical nightmare. Not only do you need to squeeze 12-25 training hours into any given week, but you also need to figure out how to eat and drink while moving long distances without your gut distending like a swollen balloon or your fragile bodily sphincters crying out in distress . You will become best friends with your local sports medicine doctor and physical therapist, and this is not a good thing. During the actual race, you will go through periods that have been compared to childbirth, a death-march, and a "very dark place". When you finish, you may experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. You may forget what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife looks like, and you romantic times with them may involve nothing more than you lying like a sack of potatoes on the couch while they lovingly stroke their hands through your sweat-caked hair. You may have to appease them by allowing them to help you design your tattoo.

While the information above will give you a good baseline for making your triathlon distance decision, I can not vouch for your safety or sanity if you choose to think outside box of the triathlon distances described in this article, and decide to go do a race like the American Triple T, which packs a Sprint, 2 Olympics, and a Half-Ironman triathlon all into one weekend, or a back-to-back Ironman triathlon like Ultraman. Be sure to drop me a line if you do go tackle a new triathlon distance I'd love to hear your story. To be sure And lands check out the Rock Star Triathlete Academy, at Http://www.rockstartriathlete.com , where you can the join me for a weekly webinar to talk about your triathlon training, nutrition, and more.

Source by Ben Greenfield

Reiki for Prosperity, Abundance and Financial Success

Quite a few people have written to me asking how to use Reiki to bring abundance, prosperity and / or
financial success into their lives. This article is a somewhat shortened version of my blog entry on this
matter. Please click on the link below to read the longer version.

I'm going to present a few ideas for using Reiki to achieve abundance, prosperity and / or financial success.
But before I do that, I want to mention that this is one area where Reiki and Feng Shui go together very
nicely. Many books on Feng Shui specifically tell you how to set up your environment to encourage abundance and prosperity.

I do want to acknowledge something before I continue my discussion. To some people, speaking of Reiki and money or Reiki and financial success in the same breath makes them cringe. They view Reiki as pure Love, a spiritual calling, and to introduce the idea of ​​money into the sacred realm of Reiki is abhorrent to them. If that is your viewpoint, I completely understand and respect your position. I have known healers in many fields who have felt the same way.

But I am a bit more of a pragmatist and a realist. I recognize that we need to make a living and we need to support our families. Even more importantly, I realize the negative effects poverty and monetary insecurity can have on us.

When a person feels financially uncertain, even endangered, that person may find it very hard to pay attention to the spiritual aspects of his / her life. If someone has so much financial worry, thoughts of "How will I pay the bills?" and "Will we lose the house?" may occupy so much of that person's energy and time that they can scarcely think about things like helping others heal.

Does this mean that poor people and people with financial difficulties can not be spiritual and can not help others heal? Of course it does not mean that. However, survival issues can become paramount, and for many, many people, these issues interfere with their ability to give any of their energy to spiritual and healing issues. We are all human, with a limited amount of energy and resources available to us at any given time.

But beyond this, I do not believe there is anything inherently wrong in the desire for abundance, prosperity
and financial security. We live in a world that is run by money; that is the reality we live with, no matter
how much we might wish it were otherwise. Without sufficient money, we are in deep trouble! When we have sufficient money, we can turn our attention more easily to helping others.

Everyone has to define what the term "sufficient money" means to them. For example, I am not fond of the idea of ​​using Reiki to win the lottery, or to win at gambling. Frankly, I do not like the energy of gambling, because so many people's lives are ruined by gambling.

Having said that, however, I leave it up to you to decide how much money is "sufficient". The people who
contact me about using Reiki for prosperity usually want to have enough money to pay their bills on time and provide a good home for their families. Some of them have started Reiki and other healing practices, and want those practices to be financially successful so that they can both help others and support their

The term "abundance" is also open to interpretation. Abundance is not necessarily the same thing as having a lot of money, or being very prosperous. Each person has to decide what "abundance" means to them. Someone who does not have a lot of money but who has a lot of friendship and love might feel that their life is filled with abundance. Having a sense of abundance allows us to feel content with what we have. That assumes, of course, that we do not struggle to find the money to eat every day, or we do not live in an unsafe place.

You can use Reiki to attract abundance and prosperity towards you in many ways. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Draw the Reiki Power Symbol and the Long Distance symbol on a piece of paper, and place them in your wallet or purse. Every time you see them there, think of abundance / prosperity being drawn to you across time and distance. You can also place these symbols in a jar of coins and tuck one in the back of your checkbook.

2. Draw the Power Symbol on your Palm Chakras each morning. This will serve as a symbolic reminder of how money changes hands, and it will help draw that money toward your hands.

3. Use Aventurine stones or Malachite stones, both of which are often used to represent money. Place the
stone in one hand while you draw the Power and / or Long Distance Symbol over that hand with your other hand. Concentrate on the idea of ​​wealth flowing toward you. Leave the stones near your checkbook, purse, wallet, etc.

4. Using the Long-Distance Symbol, you can send Reiki into the future for your finances. In other words, you can send positive energy into the future. You can also use the Long-Distance Symbol to go backwards in time to help heal some of the emotional toll that financial difficulties have taken on you.

5. If you have a business, you can draw the Power Symbol and / or Long-Distance Symbol in the air in the
corners of your place of business, over the cash register or credit card machine, etc. Leave small
Aventurine or Malachite stones that you have charged with Reiki near the register or credit card terminal.

There are several Chakras that are important to pay attention to in money matters:

1. The Palm Chakras – since money literally "changes hands".

2. The Third Eye Chakra – because it's the seat of your intuition, and it can help you make good decisions
about your future.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra – because it's the place of your inner wisdom, your "gut feelings", and it can
help you determine whether something is a good or bad financial decision for you.

4. Be sure to focus on your Root Chakra, too, if self-confidence (or lack of it) is an issue. Your Root
Chakra is also important if past financial problems have disturbed your sense of stability and security (and
made you less confident as a result).

The subject of Reiki for abundance, prosperity and financial success is complex and multi-faceted. I have
just scratched the surface with this discussion. Please feel free to sign up for my newsletter to learn more
ways that Reiki can help you in your everyday life.

Source by Loretta Noble

There Is A Reason You Attract People Who Abandon And Betray You Over And Over

Rejection and betrayal are all too common themes in the dating scene. But what do many men and women do when someone breaks up with them? They obsess, beg, pester, hang onto painful feelings of loss or hang onto hope of getting him / her back, but mostly they blame the other person for whatever.

But what if I told you, you attracted and created that reality? Yes, you sought out that man / woman from zillions knowing full-well how it will end! Sounds really wacko, huh?

Let's say you're a woman, who on the outside appears confident and fulfilled – a woman who truly has it all. You meet this guy who seems to have the quite strength and cool demeanor you dig so much. The relationship starts so beautifully, then one day, he "forgets" to call when he said he'd call. You panic and go into a tailspin of anxiety. And when you finally get him on the phone he says in his cool confidence "I do not really feel like talking tonight". That sends your anxiety level off on top of the roof. Now you are thinking, may be he's lost interest in me, may be he found someone else, may be he wants to leave me. You get so anxious that you think you'll go crazy – and you may even start acting crazy.

He, on the other hand is acting cool and unruffled. What once looked like quite strength and cool demeanor now feels cold, aloof, distant and uncaring. This makes you angry enough to say things that belittle him, then turn around and apologize and beg, then you try to "talk sense into him" and plead and so forth. But what you feared will happen does actually happen, he leaves you!

But here is the interesting thing: this is not the first time it's happened to you .. You've been here before, so many times actually – different circumstances and different people but the same old tired story.

There is a reason why you fall in love with people who are unavailable or incapable of making a commitment, why you are hopelessly infatuated with someone who can not love you back the way you deserve, why you end up with irresponsible and unreliable people who drive you crazy.

The people we chose to bond with are not a random choice but a true mirror of our sub-conscious state at any given time in our lives. When you feel lonely, rejected, unaccepted, unappreciated or insecure because you feel not good enough you'll tend to seek a partner who reflects that back to you.

While what you want more than anything is to be loved and accepted, a part of you (which has experienced this before) does not really believe that you will get what you want. This translates into an actual feeling of desperation which invokes the emotion of fear. The fear motivates your behaviour.

This behaviour may be avoiding rejections all together, starting a relationship and getting our quickly before you are rejected, or getting into one and acting in ways that drive the other person away. Sometimes you do not even have to act it out, the vibration (FEAR) you send out (which is more powerful than any words or actions) is received by the other person at a sub conscious level. It only takes a small thing (real or imagined) to trigger your fear and start the behaviour. In the example above the trigger was "him not calling". In your panic to cling and stop the rejection and abandonment you actually create what you fear will happen.

Until you work though your fear of rejection and abandonment you will continue to attract people who reject and abandon you over and over. You will continue to be drawn to men and women who are not attracted to you, those who are incapable of love or commitment or who have no time for you. You will also be drawn to people who live in another town or country (long-distance relationships), people who are married or seriously involved with someone else.

So next time the relationship ends the same way, do not act surprised, hurt and betrayed. You committed yourself to an unsustainable liaison knowing full-well how it will end!

Source by Yangki Christine Akiteng

Sweet Things to Say to Your Boyfriend – 4 Tips to Impress Him

Are you looking for various different ways to impress your boyfriend? Being sweet to him can be very beneficial not only to you but also your guy. Guys do expect quite a lot of sweet stuff from girls. It's just that many of them fail to ask it out to their girl friends. Your boyfriend can be one among them who expects sweet things from you. So it is all up to you to figure it out from your boyfriend. It's time for you now to sort out various sweet things that may impress him.

1. Make sure you tell how happy he is your boyfriend now and then to make him feel good. You can probably compliment about the way he handles things and his care for you. That would make him feel that he is really appreciated and is always being loved by someone like you. You can just call out his name and then tell "I love you". Though it may be the most common word that is being said it has a lot of benefit. You can tell him that you love him when he least expects it.

2. You can always make him feel special by telling him that he is the wonderful guy you have ever met in your lifetime. These sweetest things will ensure your boyfriend that your eyes are only on him. Guys like it when they know that they are special for someone.

3. Always let them know that they are very special to you. Your sweet little kisses and hugs can mean a lot to guys. Make sure you hug and thank them for even the little thing they do.

4. Gifts are yet another form to express your love and care. If you feel that your boyfriend is far away you can still make him feel better by sending lovely gifts on every special occasion. Take time to choose the most suitable and amazing gift for him. These gifts is the way you express your feelings he is always on your mind. You can choose the things that he uses everyday. You need to put in extra efforts if yours is a long distance relationship.

Finally all you need to do is execute everything given above in a well planned way. Make plans for both of you for some romantic outings at least once a month. If you follow some of these tips you can definitely impress your boyfriend easily.

Source by Teecee Go