Get Your Ex Back Long Distance – Simple Methods To Help You Win Your Ex Back When You Live Apart

If you and your ex live far apart you're probably wondering how to get back together. Here's some proven advice to get long distance exes back together by opening the flood gate of happy memories.

You've probably heard of techniques to help couples reunite when you see one another often – whether it's bumping into them, hanging out at the same places, hanging out with the same friends – but what on earth do you do when you want your ex back – and you want them to keep thinking about you – and you do not even live in the same city?

I bet it seems impossible that you can ever get back together when you live far apart but I want you to know that it is possible to reconcile if you had a long distance relationship – and that you can build a happier, stronger relationship than you had before.

You're about to learn some simple techniques that you can get to work for you today to lure your ex back into your life.

First off you have to choose what category you fit in – has your relationship always been long distance, did your ex just recently move away, or did you drive your ex away from you?

Once you've decided that you need to figure out what state your relationship is now in.

What To Do If You're Not Speaking

If you're not on speaking terms at the moment you may want to give your ex a bit of breathing space, especially if the break up is very fresh.

If you're break up did not end that badly then you can stay connected via the internet, facebook, text messages etc – BUT you need to hold off on using any of those communications until the time is right.

Definitely DO NOT plan a trip to visit them or turn up unannounced at their doorstep.

Basically you need to handle your long distance communication much as you would in person …. being friendly and open is the key.

The key is to trigger those old romantic, feel good feelings that they used to have about you in their subconscious mind.

How can you do that?

For instance, did your ex have a special pet name for you or was there some funny joke that you both kept referring to that made you both laugh?

That's something you can use in written communication.

But the best way to bring back a flood of memories for your ex is through the phone. But timing is everything. If you attempt to reconnect with your ex too soon you could ruin your chances of reconciliation.

So make sure you have a step by step plan in place to help you get them thinking about you and wanting to reconcile with you in the shortest time possible.

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