Getting The Leo Man – How To Push The Buttons Of A Proud, Adventurous, Alpha-Type Man

Fancy having a boyfriend under the zodiac sign Leo? Leos are some of the proudest, most adventurous men in the dating game. That's why getting a Leo man to commit to a serious relationship can be a challenge – unless, of course, you "tame the wild beast" with these techniques.

About The Leo Man

Those born under the zodiac sign Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd) take great pride in themselves, much like the Lion that represents their sign. Leo men are super-dependable, especially when you've earned their trust.

What's more, Leo men are known to be more stubborn than other men. But this stubbornness also means they tend to remain stubbornly loyal in relationships.

What a Leo man wants most of all is his loyalty and trust returned to him. He also dislikes being alone, so he'll appreciate your company, and would rather not be in a long-distance relationship. He's also hopelessly romantic in the "Old World" sense of the word.

So if you like flowers and candlelit dinners, you'll love a Leo boyfriend!

But Leo men are also smart enough to not focus their entire lives in their relationships. A Leo man is quite adventurous and energetic, and has a deep passion for life. So do not expect your Leo man to settle into a boring, routinely relationship without a fight!

Getting A Leo Man To Fall In Love With You

Do what he likes and he will fall for you fast. He likes you by his side, listening to him. He also likes to take charge, so let him – that's the guy's job anyway, right?

Keep the balance by making small decisions. He loves your attention and being the center of it, so do stoke his ego with adequate and timely praise and compliments. Appreciate and admire him. Hold back the criticism. You do not like it and neither does he.


Leos enjoy a strong compatibility with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. Aquarius and Leo will also get on well with him. He is a dominant man in love and is quite strong-willed.

But no matter what your zodiac signs are, remember that the stars will not guide the choices you make in your relationship. That's entirely up to you. And while your zodiac compatibility with a Leo man might help, it's still the choices you make the will determine the longevity of your relationship!

And if you'd like to know how to make your relationship last forever … no matter what your zodiac signs are … then I'd love to help you.

Source by Kimberly M White

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