He's Too Busy Or So He Says – What a Guy Really Means When He Says, I'm Too Busy For a Relationship

What is a guy really saying when he says he's too busy for a relationship? You may be crushing on a guy. You may even be going on a few dates with him, but you're not yet "official". But when you approach him about committing to a relationship, he tells you he's too busy. What is he really trying to say?

Being too busy usually is not a good sign, so let's look at 3 possible reasons you might be getting the run around.

Truth Be Told He's Just Not Digging You

A man may say he's too busy for a relationship because he's just not that into you. He may have been attracted to you at first, but after a couple dates he may not be feeling it.

He might have his eye set on someone else or he may have realized after getting to know you better that the two of you are not really compatible. He may love spending time with you, but he may not have a physical, sexual, or romantic attraction for you.

When he finds himself already waist deep in spending time with you, it's easier to say, "I'm too busy for a relationship" than to say, "Ya know, I'm just not attracted to you that much."

What He Says Is What He Means

On rare occasions being too busy may actually mean he really is too busy. Men are success driven, and he may have goals and dreams he's working toward. A relationship may not be his top priority right now.

If you know he's an extremely busy person with a lot going on, then he may feel like a relationship would be too much to handle right now. It would not be fair to him and it would not be fair to you if you could not make time for each other.

If you think this is the case, then just be patient and do not try to pressure him into anything. Be supportive, and he'll love you for it.

He Loves Being A Bachelor

For a lot of men in their teens and twenties, a relationship symbolizes a lot of unnecessary hassle. Their mindset can be characterized by phrases like:

  • "Why date one woman when you can date them all?"
  • "Marriage is not even in my vocabulary yet, so why should I tie myself down to someone?"
  • "I love being single and living the bachelor lifestyle. It's total freedom!"

In most cases, when a man says he's too busy, it means he's not all that interested in you. When a man is truly attracted to and in love with a woman he'll do just about anything to spend time with her, especially early on in the relationship during the "honeymoon phase". Do not waste precious time waiting for a man who will not make time for you.

Source by Derek Blandford

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