How Money Influences Relationships and Sometimes Makes Or Break Relationships

We all like to believe that relationships are maintained by how much you love each other alone. However money plays a huge part in how far your relationship goes. A lot of the times financial struggles can lead to the break ups but there are also cases where too much money can break relationships as well.

1. Money in the first place can make you more attractive

We all would like to think that it's a person's physical beauty that makes them attractive. But believe it or not people's concept of attractiveness changes significantly if the person is a rich man. Women would rather settle with a man with less physical attractiveness if he is rich than a handsome but poor man. The reality is that men with money can guarantee support and protection. These two things are a huge factor when it comes to choosing a life partner.

2. Financial struggles can end even deeply engaged relationships

Often times couple would start a relationship with love and not knowing what is it like to live together with financial constraints. This can happen if one of the partners looses a job or can no longer work. Even though you might love them dearly but sometimes the financial burden of running a house hold alone can burn people out and they decide to end relationships.

3. Too much love for money can also interfere in relationships

If a person love his / her money more than their spouse then that can also be a troubling sign for relationships.

You have to allocate time for work and love life accordingly. No body likes to be ignored in love no matter how many other physical comforts are given to them. So if a person is spending too much time on his business or work for the lust of that money their partner is going to eventually lose interest and end the relationship.

4. The Person making more money always has an upper hand in relationships

Another profound way that money influences relationships is that the person making more will have more say in decision making. People tend to become more dominant in relationships if they are making more money.

Sometimes this become apparent to the other partner who can no longer deal with it and decides to end it.

One of the first things that people will check when the meet new people is what they are wearing. The hidden truth behind this notice is that we want to evaluate who rich this person might be. Other words how well does this person suit for you.

Source by Ravinder Virk

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