How to Get Your Ex Back in a Long Distance Relationship? 7 Things You Need to Keep in Mind

Your relationship could not sustain the physical distances which separated you. With time the emotional bonding that once brought you closer has broken. You have to understand that for a long distance relationship to work, communication is the key. To get your ex back, take a lesson from the past and follow these helpful tips.

Identify the problem
You are in delicate emotional state after the break up and miss your ex a lot. But in order to get your ex back, first you should find out what went wrong, maybe there were long gaps in communication that made your ex grow apart.

Control the urge to call
Calling your ex, when you are highly emotional and in pain, will not work. In your hurt and anger you may end up saying all the wrong things making it worse, and may loose any chance of getting your ex back.

Give your ex and yourself some breathing time
Give your ex and yourself some time to think it over. Let your ex also get time to sort out his / her feelings and you can use this time to become a stronger person to deal with the situation. With time the negative feelings will subside and your ex may realize the importance of the relationship.

Do not be alone in dealing with your pain
Go out with your friends for movies or outings to divert your mind. They might give you some positive talk which will help you. Look after your appearance; you should look good as this makes you feel good and positive too.

Restart the communication
Send your ex mails or messages to let them know what is happening in your life. Gradually, you can let them know that you still care and will always be there despite the distances separating them.

Surprise them
Arrange to send small surprise gifts to your ex which reminds them of old times. Send birthday message, if it is their birthday, to let them know that you are thinking about them. This will make them see you in new light and they will warm up to you.

Remain determined to make things work
You can step up and attempt to call at this stage and have verbal communication. Hearing each other after a time can rekindle the old feelings. Be friendly and make the phone talk interesting. Over the time your ex may express desire to see you when they are in town next. That is the time you can surprise your ex with the new look and hopefully see him / her getting attracted to you once again.

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