How to Impress My Husband With Surprises – Most Important Keys to a Successful Married Life

You have a perfect marriage and are happy in your comfort zone. You know that he is content being with you and it seems that you are made for each other. However, if you wish to sparkle up your lives, then there are few things you can do and impress him.

Go for a make over

If you have been neglecting yourself of late, go ahead and join some exercise classes of your interest. You can join a gym or take yoga classes that can help you to shape up. Next, you should pamper yourself with a new style or color that gives your appearance a great boost. Your husband will be impressed with your new look and shapely figure.

Change your wardrobe

Get some stylish dresses in your wardrobe and surprise him when he sees you wearing an outfit you have never worn before. This may remind him of the time when you used to take lot of care to look good, your dating days.

Plan for a ‘date night’

If you have been busy taking care of home and your work and had not enough time for him, plan a ‘date night’ by arranging to leave kids with a nanny. Go out and have a most exciting dinner forgetting all the worries while focusing on enjoying as if you were on a date.

Plan for a second honeymoon

Surprise him with a weekend getaway by taking care of the booking and travel arrangements. He will definitely be thrilled and feel happy by your planning an unexpected break, this will bring back the sparkle in your romance and bring you more closer than before.

Gift him something thoughtful

If you have been receiving gifts from him then you know how nice it feels to receive unexpected gifts. Give him something that he always wanted or that holds special meaning for you, he will be impressed by the thought that goes behind gifting.

Give him his freedom and space

Push him at times to go out with his buddies for a guy’s night out and he will be impressed by your understanding behavior. Let him have fun with his gang of boys, if you showed resentment earlier he will be surprised by your changed attitude, but love you for it.

Be a different woman in the bedroom

If you have been a passive partner all this while, surprise him by taking the lead and doing something different to please him. Taking initiative and being sensitive to his needs is sure going to impress him if you had not done it before.

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