How to Manifest a New Group of Supportive Friends When Those You Now Have Are Dragging You Down

How to manifest a new group of supportive friends when those around you seem to be pulling you into hell. Family and friends should strengthen us and give us inspiration for life. Our lives are happiest when we are surrounded by others who admire us, who inspire us and who want us to do well in our life. However this is not always the case, when we are surrounded by others who degrade us and hold up limited images of who we are then this strips us unless you have learned to build up a very strong force field.

When more than one person holds us up in a clear light they assist us in manifesting what we want. They influence reality by holding a vision of our highest state, this adds power to the vision we are holding of ourselves. So what do you do when you do not have such a group and the group you now have are bring you down?

How to Manifest New Supportive Friends When Those Around You Are not Helping

If you feel drained and depleted by the negative people in your life and you desperately need to make a change there are several steps you can take to alter this state fast. In order to change your circumstances in life you have to change your mind at a deeper level. The sort of people whom you have attracted in your life is an indication of the energy you are carrying. Your energy in some way matches the energy of the people around you. However if there is no more harmony then that energy within you has changed. People are attracted to others who carry the same level of energy as themselves.

1. Self reflection is the first step – You can not learn how to manifest without self reflection. Why did you bring them into your life? If you are no longer feeling connected to them it is very likely that you have changed in some deeper way and you and they are no longer a match. This is ok! The best way to change this is through self reflection first. By making peace with this situation you can now move. If you do not make peace with the situation you will remain stuck in feelings of anger which will bind you to those negative people. You will keep being with them even if you do not want to. You will keep feeling angry and unhappy. All of this will only keep them in your space while repelling the good friends who could enter.

2. Identify What You Want in a Clear Way – The next step would be to identify the qualities you want to attract in your new friends. The best thing you can do this is to write it out on paper. Write out the qualities you are hoping to attract in the new friendships. Writing it out makes it clear in your mind and it also communicates to your subconscious mind what you want.

3. How to Manifest by Impressing Your Inner Mind with a New Blue Print Nothing will change unless you have created a new blue print in your inner mind. Unless you do this you will continue to attract the same old sorts of friends again and again. You may think that you have left them behind but you will go to a new town and attract the same sorts of people. The cycle will begin all over again. You must learn how to go deeper into the mind and take out the old program by creative a new more powerful program that will over ride the new. This is the most important methods without that nothing new will happen.

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