Hurt Your Ex Boyfriend? How To Ask Him For Forgiveness

Have your hurt your ex boyfriend and wish you could get him to forgive you? Well, there are a few steps you can take to get him to forgive you and they are listed below. But first I'd like to suggest a few things you should not do to hurt your chances of being forgiven.

Things Not To Do After You Hurt Your Ex Boyfriend

Do not scream fire to get his attention . Depending on your relationship you may or may not have a few opportunities to interact with your ex boyfriend. He also may be trying to avoid you because of the pain you have caused him. What you do not want to do is pretend you have some major issue to deal with just to get him to pay attention to you or give you some alone time. In other words, do not try to deceive him or you could hurt your ex boyfriend further and kill any chances of being forgiven.

Do not gossip about it. I would suggest that you do not spread the word about how you hurt your ex boyfriend. It may seem prudent to let others know what you did and how sorry you are about it, hoping that your ex boyfriend hears from others how sorry you are. You should not try to use others to let him know how much you wish you could undo the wrong you have done.

Do not harass your hurt ex boyfriend. It might be your top priority to get your ex to forgive you but it might be the furthest thing from his mind. If he is not returning your phone calls or emails do not bombard him with more. Just because he is not responding does not mean that he is not receiving your calls or messages. Do not annoy him to the point where he will not even acknowledge your existence.

Things To Do After You Hurt Your Ex Boyfriend

Do explain to your ex boyfriend why you hurt him. It takes more than a simple "I'm sorry" to get a wronged boyfriend to forgive you. You need to be clear on why you did what you did and not just say "I do not know" when he asks you why you hurt him. Be prepared to share from your heart and not just your mind.

Do respect his request to be given some time to consider the matter. How long it takes him to recover and forgive you may depend on how bruised his heart and mind is. Do not assume that he is just being mean or inconsiderate by taking his time to forgive you.

Finally, do be honest with your hurt ex boyfriend. If he happens to press you on why you want him to forgive you tell him the truth. The one thing that will help him forgive you is to know that you are being straight with him. If you want to be forgiven so that you have a chance to get your hurt ex boyfriend to get back together with you then perhaps you can let him know this.

If your ultimate goal is to get him to forgive you and then work on getting your ex to take you back, it's important that you clearly separate the two goals. If your ex boyfriend believes you are only apologizing and seeking forgiveness so you can get back together your chances will be hurt because he will not believe you are sincere.

So in looking for forgiveness and reconciliation you want to of course avoid making mistakes and do positive things to rebuild friendship and trust. It's not always easy but is definitely possible to get a hurt ex boyfriend to forgive you.

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