I Am in a Long Distance Relationship – How Do I Get My Guy to Fall in Love With Me? Read This Now

Most women are afraid of having a long distance relationship and this is no great surprise considering how easy it would be for the guy to fall in love with someone else who is closer! However there have been many long distance relationships that have been a great success. Here are some tips for those seeking to make the man fall in love with them even though they are miles apart!

Be positive about the relationship
It is no use getting into a long distance relationship if you are going to be plagued with doubts and fears in the beginning itself. Have confidence in yourself and your ability to attract him even though you are miles apart from each other. There are many ways in which you can attract him and get ready mentally and emotionally to do so!

Be intriguing
Do not have an "out of sight – out of mind" attitude. If you are seriously thinking of making him fall in love with you then you should act, think and behave as though you are as close as possible to him and it is just a matter of "absence makes the heart fonder" between the two of you .

Be committed to him and your goal
If you are determined to make the long distance relationship work then your chances are greater. Be committed to making him fall madly in love with you. Both of you should be on the same wavelength and should share the same feelings of love and attraction for one another. Sound loving and tender on the phone and make him yearn to meet and see you.

Communicate openly and honestly
It will not pay to hide things from him just because you are apart from each other. The more honest you are with him – the more he will learn to trust and love you. There can be no true love between you unless both of you trust each other. Just as you would expect him to be honest and open with you, he expects the same from you.

Make it easy for him
Do not make it difficult for him to love you. Being sarcastic, moody and temperamental with him on the phone or through your messages will only put him off. Instead make him look forward to chatting with you for hours on the phone. Being passionate and romantic when you speak with him will help to keep the fires burning.

Be creative
A long distance relationship is one of the best ways to allow your imagination to run wild and be creative when it comes to communicating with your lover. Use the internet to send him romantic e-cards and revive the art of writing love letters! There is no rule that says you can not flirt with him so go ahead and communicate with him in a way that touches his heart!

Be flexible
You will have to have a lot of patience and understanding. Do not let unexpected changes and disappointments affect your feelings for him. When he realizes that you are being flexible and spontaneous it will only endear you to him as he will come to appreciate your strength of character.

Source by Krista Hiles

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