Marital Pathfinder 101

The issue of marital discovery and fulfillment has been a major discourse in most singles' forum taking cognizance of the implications of getting it wrong. When God created man, He took him and set him down in the garden and gave him a mandate (Vision): "… to work the ground and keep the garden in order" Gen 2:15 (message bible). He looked at man and said to Himself it's not good that man should be alone; let's make for him a help-mate and a companion. Reason being that man was not living his full potential and so needed a help-mate and a companion to relate some things with; God in His mightiness cause man to fall into a deep sleep, created a help-mate for him and presented her to him; "When man woke up, he came in contact with someone he is attracted to (someone of like mind), went close, identify himself with her, appreciate her, stretch out his hand towards her and they both hold hands, move round the garden and tend it properly according to God's instructions ". (My opinion).

Taking cue from where it all began- the Garden of Eden, as a single I strongly believe that marital fulfillment is real and everyone is meant to experience it if we can just know what we want and go through the process or stages towards getting what we desire. It takes grace-unmerited favor for good thing to come easily. Let me buttress on Adams experience as follow:

Woke up: when man woke up … literally in life, when a man is said to have woke up from his sleep, it means he has gotten to the point of realizing that something is missing in his life and so needs attention and until this is done, optimal satisfaction or fulfillment will not be drive. Speaking from marital point of view, it's where a man realized that for him to gain much ground in life, he will need a help-mate (vision helper) to give him the much needed support to fulfill purpose. By this, I mean the achieving the intangibles- life vision, life assignment. For the ladies, it's the point where she needs someone with some sense of purpose. It is the point where a man will need to make clear his life vision, mission and set values ​​that will govern his life activities- setting his priority (s) right as he moves on the journey to marital discovery and fulfillment. When this is done, he goes on an ultimate search through praying, fasting, interaction with people and the environment.

Attraction: … he came in contact with someone he is attracted to (someone of like mind) … Gen 2:23; Esther 2:17. person-300x202The law of attraction states that every man draws to him what flows out of him. When Adam woke up, he came in contact with someone of like mind- someone that speaks and understands his language, sees what he sees, with similar mandate, etc and so got attracted to her because his instinct communicated it to him. As singles (guys and ladies), the law of attraction should not be ignored in our quest for marital fulfillment. A guy or lady, who knows where he / she is going, will deliberately get attracted to only those going in the same direction with him / her. If for any reason, you are attracting to yourself friends you do not wish to have, it means you have to work on what flows out of you- rebrand yourself inside-out. Try to understand your temperament (strength and weakness) and then the temperament of someone that will complement yours. On the other hand, if you are attracting the right people into your life, then you are on the right path to marital fulfillment because these people see what you see, speak and understand your language- success, spiritual intensity, business success, career fulfillment , etc

Get close and identify with people: … went close, identify with her … law of contact. For one to get what he / she need in life, he will have to take steps forward without necessarily seeing the stair case to step on. As singles (guys and ladies) I do not think we need to see a vision, have a dream, go on a trance or have an impartation with the full bottle of anointing oil pour on our head for us to go close to people we are attracted to and have an interaction with them. When the first man woke up from his deep sleep, he came in contact with someone he is attracted to (someone of like mind) and so went close and interacted with her. It is at the point of interaction he discovered that they both have so much in common and so he identify with her immediately. Personally, I strongly believe that all relationship with the opposite sex will not end in marriage (life partner); I believe also that if we set our priority (s) right, at the point of interaction with those we are attracted to, we will be able to identify and discover a relationship that will not work for marriage but can work in the area of ​​career , business contact / partner, best of friends, etc. Let's increase our sensitivity antenna as the Spirit of Truth will help us. When we do, there will be no reason for regretting knowing or coming in contact with anyone; though, we are not perfect or guru in relationship matter but the chances of regret will be very minimal or near to zero.

Appreciation: … appreciate her … what you appreciate in the life of someone over a period of time will as a matter of fact become your reality (paraphrase- law of appreciation). In as much as the first man identify with the similarities between him and his friend so to speak, he also notice that there are attributes his friend have which he do not but needed to excel and so appreciated these attributes. Appreciating someone's strengths and giving strength to ones weakness has a way of building and strengthen relationship and friendship. As singles, it's impossible to have strength in all facet of life; and so when we see someone doing things in the area of ​​our weakness, we should endeavor to celebrate them and leverage on their strength to fulfill purpose in life.

Stretch out your hands to get help: … stretch out his hand towards her … the good book says "ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find, knock and the door shall be open unto thee". At this point, the relationship should be defined. Gen 2:25. As I said, all relationship will not end in marriage; when you interact with people, you will know the areas (Business, career, Spirituality, academics, etc) you will team work to achieve great results in life. When this is defined, the objective of the relationship should be stated and boundaries set. In life, nothing works until someone work it out; relationship does not work out until those involve make it work; it's a team work affairs and nobody's commitment should be taken for granted rather it should be appreciated.

Get bonded: … and they hold hands, move round the garden and tend it properly according to God's instructions. The book of life says "do two people walk hand in hand if they are not going to the same place?" (Message bible). There must be some form of agreement between both parties

Source by Emmanuel Chukwuyem Agese

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