Marriage Breakers – Why Childish Behavior Hurts Your Marriage

It is always ideal to have a partner behaves in a calm and rational manner. Unfortunately, some people just have childish behaviour that can hurt a marriage. When you are facing such situation, you probably will wonder how to handle a childish husband or wife?

If your husband or wife is behaving very childishly all the time, you probably have been giving into him or her too much. For example, you give in to what your spouse wants and when his childish behaviour is making you upset, you would rather avoid than correcting his behaviour. As soon as you decide to refuse his attitude, both of you start to quarrel. Can you see the picture? Childish behaviour actually hurts your marriage if you do not fix it immediately.

Of course, everyone does not wish to act like a mother or father to their spouse. So if you want your spouse to stop his childish acts, you definitely need to stop doing the "parenting" acts. Learn to read through the lines and understand what your spouse is thinking. Learn how to communicate your feelings to your spouse. Sometimes, having some space apart can also help to work through your frustrations and it actually gives a signal to let the other party knows that you mean it this time.

You do not have to retaliate this childish behaviour by becoming moody. Instead, you should set a good example by maintaining a happier person. When your spouse sees that you behave very calm and mature even though he or she has been very childish and unreasonable, they will naturally begin to work on themselves if they do love and care for you.

I know childish behaviour can be a marriage breaker. The So, in order to Maintain a Marriage by happy, both of you need to understand what are On the needed The things to Build A Happy Marriage .

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