Marriage Problems: 3 Marriage Problems Caused By Wives Who Never Feel Satisfied With Their Husbands

There are a number of marriage problems that plague most marriages around the world that come as a result of women who never feel satisfied with their husband. Whether it be they just have high standards, they’re trying to make the man try harder or because she wants more out of the relationship than she’s getting, women who are blind to their husband’s efforts are usually the ones who end up alone. As much as we guys want to make women happy to satisfy our provider instinct, if we end up giving so much that there’s not enough of us left for ourselves, it’s a dangerous position to be in as a husband, meaning that we’ll leave you to recover. Here are three marriage problems caused by women who are never satisfied by their husbands.

1. Loss Of Love

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, we men like to be providers and make sure that our wife is happy. We would sometimes do crazy things if it meant that we received recognition and appreciation from our woman.

However, if we keep giving and giving and get nothing in return, we’re going to stop loving the woman. Our efforts are going to feel wasted and we’re simply going to get fed up with the woman for forgetting to acknowledge us.

2. Loss Of Respect

When the woman is demanding and never acknowledges her man, she will lose the respect of her man. If he ends up giving and giving, the wife actually will be unable to help but feel like she’s the mistress and he’s the slave.

She will be condescending and make him feel inferior. That loss of respect for her man will make him lose respect for her as well. Sometimes, a man just has to give less and say no to a demanding woman if he really wants her respect again.

3. Divorce And Regret

The worst thing that could happen is if the man leaves the woman simply because she is being too demanding and the woman doesn’t feel as if she needs her man anymore. She might put up a front just because she’s used to being bossy.

Once it starts settling in, she will feel regret. She will realize that she didn’t appreciate her man and she will want him back by now of course, it’s too late and she will have already lost her husband for good.

These marriage problems will occur if the woman is too demanding and not empathetic enough to acknowledge and appreciate her man for what he does. If she wants to avoid a bitter divorce that she’ll regret, she should demand less and mention her appreciation more often.

Source by J. Keys

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