Modern Marriage Serves No Purpose

Before I begin I must warn you. This article is going to offend some people . This article is controversial. Marriage is not valued in our society for the same purpose and meaning as it was originally intended. I realize there are many arguments for marriage, but in this day and age, many of them are simply becoming pointless.

In earliest recorded history, marriage was simply an agreement between 2 people to agree to form a union. They did not need their tribes (government) or clergy to consent or validate it with a ceremony. Over time it has been developed into the legal contract in which we know it today. Modern marriages are formally recognized by either a civil ceremony or a religious ceremony. Some marriages are still arranged by affluent families protecting their interests, or people of cultures and religions promoting their values, and maintaining their heritage.

Marriage has morphed into this anomaly that often is created and characterized by fear, guilt, money, greed, low self esteem, manipulation, and sex. Its original intent was to form a recognized bond of kinship and support. Love was not a necessity. But the true aim was forming a partnership through life. To support one another and provide mutual strength through defined roles that enabled the family to prosper. These important roles have changed in the modern world, making marriage more difficult and less successful.

Statistics from April 2010, report that 49% of all marriages in the US end in divorce. Half or almost half of all marriages fail. This is a staggering number that points out that modern society simply does not value the union of marriage, or it does not understand it.

We are taught at a very young age that we all will become married. We are fed these visions of grandeur that fills our hearts full of love and ever lasting harmony. Women are taught that sex, love and commitment can only be validated by marriage. They're femininity was once validated by their ability to bear children, raise them and tend to the domestic duties of the home. Men were validated by their ability to provide for their families. Many of these stereotypes exist today. Modern women are constantly fighting marriage and career, while men feel challenged by those forces.

Marriage is a contract, one that compensates a woman and effectively punishes a man. There is no reason for any self sufficient man to become married today. Society has become selfish and self promoting. People do not select a potential mate by real terms, but ideal ones. More and more children are being raised with parents living apart. Throughout history men have had to leave the home to hunt, for war, and for work leaving the child to be raised by the mother or grandparents. In modern marriage, the contract binds the man to be financially committed to that woman regardless of how that marriage ends. He is responsible for her for life. Quite an archaic concept one would think for the modern woman. Modern man in essence would be wise to not marry, than to suffer later when the marriage dissolves.

Divorce has created this monstrosity in society that propagates visions of anger, hate, and the innocent victims of it (Children.) It has created this air of entitlement and ownership, over another person and over assets. Marriage has lost its purpose, lost its meaning. There is no reason for anyone to enter into that legally binding contract anymore. In most developed countries common law marriage has similar rights as a legally married couple. In either case, in this every growing selfish world it has become redundant, a tool to withhold sex and a manipulation to validate love and a relationship. Want to live a longer and healthier life? Want to enjoy what you want and have no fear of losing your assets you worked so hard for? Then learn to take care of yourself, and never, ever get married. Taught to be a bond of love, friendship, and strength … half the time it disintegrates into resentment, anger, and manipulation. Save yourself the legal fees of creating the marriage, and the legal feels of getting out

Source by Elliot Zovighian

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