My Wife Is Not Happy – The Cold Hard Truth That Someone Has To Tell You

It’s never a good sign when you’re saying my wife is not happy, or typing something like that into a search engine.

If you’re feeling like your marriage is crashing down…the truth is you might be right. But the other part of that truth is that there’ hope and a way to fix it.

This happens to a lot of marriages and frankly there’s usually one main reason that causes you to be in a position where you’re saying my wife is not happy.

The Reason You’re Wife Is Not Happy…

Since you’re reading this, then I can pretty much assume that it’s because you’re wife in not happy much of the time, and not just not happy today. So therefore there’s starting to be a pattern here.

And I’m also going to assume that you feel that she’s mostly just not happy with you. If she’s not happy at all with everything then there’s a chance that she’s depressed or dealing with some other mental anguish. That’s totally different than your wife not being with YOU.

Now here’s the thing that might be hard to swallow. If your wife is unhappy with you it’s most likely because of you and the person that you’ve become. That’s tough for a lot of people to swallow and hard for most husbands to come to grips with.

It was for me in fact. I was in a marriage that was having major problems, then I fixed that aspect of my marriage. Things were looking good, but then my wife started slipping away again and I realized (after some research) what was going on.

I said to myself “my wife is not happy because I haven’t been the type of man that she instinctively wants”. In other words I’ve seized to be the man of the house. I’ve stopped being the king of my castle and leading my family.

The funny part is that if you were to ask my wife, or your wife, they would likely both say that this is totally not true, and that they wanted a man who was caring, and loving, said sweet things to them, bought them stuff, and never even dreamed of rocking the boat in the home. They will tell you that they want a man who never looks at other women, and never would dream of wanting time to himself or a man cave.

But when you study anthropology like I did to figure out what the heck was going on, and why I was stuck saying my wife is not happy…and when you study socialism and human dynamics you begin to see that even your wife doesn’t know what the heck she wants consciously.

That’s because the traits of the MAN that makes her happy is buried deep down into her DNA. This is why she’s been consciously trying to change you ever since she got you, and why she keeps on getting more and more unhappy with you as time goes by.

She’s literally turning you into exactly what she doesn’t want you to be. She’s turning you into a beta-cized male and deep down instinctively at a primal level she is not wired to feel attraction to that type of man. She wants a man who is king of the castle, and the leader.

When you start to become that, you’ll see, like I saw instantly that her attitude toward you begins to change. Her attraction for you heightens and she’s happier on an extremely deep level because that’s who she really is. That’s when you stop having to say my wife is not happy!

Source by Jason T. Nelson

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