Is Giving Jewelry Too Personal for a Co-Worker or Friend?

Jewelry can seem like the perfect gift for a loved one for any number of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries; to Valentine's Day. But what about as a gift for friends and coworkers? Is the gift of unusual handmade jewelry too personal? The true answer is that it depends on the situation. If a coworker from across the office that you say hi to at the coffee maker gets a promotion, giving jewelry is probably not the appropriate response. A verbal congratulations or even a greeting card would be best.

What it comes down to is how well you know the person. Jewelry is a personal item, so you want to make sure you know their taste and style before you make that purchase. The whole point of giving unusual handcrafted jewelry is so that the person has something special to add to their collection and hopefully they'll wear it often. As an example, if you do not know someone well enough to know that they do not care for yellow gold and then you buy them a yellow gold piece, then jewelry was not a good idea for a gift.

But if your co-worker also happens to be a good friend, then jewelry can be a great choice for a gift. And the same guidelines fit for friends too. If the friend is more of an acquaintance, then you probably do not know their style well enough to pick a piece of unusual handmade jewelry that they'll love and wear. You should know them well enough to scan through a bunch of unusual handcrafted jewelry on a website and say, "she would totally wear that" when you see the right piece.

Part of knowing a person's style is noticing the kind of jewelry your friend wears on a day-to-day basis. If she wears a lot of flashy jewelry or dresses in clothes with a lot of beading or flashy detail, a nice cocktail ring or bib necklace might be a good choice. If her jewelry and wardrobe are a little more understated, a thin necklace or a small pair of earrings would work. Also look at the colors they tend to wear. If she wears more neutrals and warm colors, stay away from jewelry with cool colors. If she wears a lot of patterns, choose unusual handmade jewelry with one type of gemstone or something with pearls or just metals.

And, of course, do not forget the presentation. Put the jewelry in a nice box, even if it did not come with one, wrap it up and put it with a thoughtful card. Your friend or co-worker is sure to be touched!

Source by Nielson Mike

Top 5 Physical Therapy Customer Relationship Management Tips

As practice owners and many times new business owners, we are thrown into the worlds of marketing and advertising to bring new customers into our practice. This includes patients but it also includes physicians, DME providers and relationships with community resources. These customers are necessary compliments to the services provided in rehabilitation including local fitness centers, community centers and programs to provide continued education and support to our patients.

Once a client base is established, it is vital to continue to bring new clients into a practice but to also show appreciation for their loyalty and continued support. Customer relations management can be the difference between practice sustainability and high volume turnover which takes a large amount of staff and time to manage. By developing a plan for customer loyalty, the basis of a company is not only acquiring patients but continuing to provide them with updated service and quality care. An ongoing CRM plan can include many activities to assure customers are happy with the services they have received and to assure they will continue to seek your services in the future. A plan may include:

1. Be honest: A customer must know what they are purchasing, whether it is a tangible item such as a piece of equipment, or a service such as Physical Therapy treatment. By having a discussion about covered benefits and non-covered services in advance, a plan of care can be established and agreed upon prior to initiating services.

2. Do not surprise the individual with additional / hidden costs: Customers appreciate your honesty and value having all information necessary to make an informed decision. Surprise costs will lead the customer to think there are other items they are not aware of which will lead to distrust over time. This perceived deception will ultimately ruin a customer-provider relationship.

3. Help find what the customer needs: Assisting a customer access necessary service is a vital part of being a Physical Therapist. Whether the customer needs to access local community programs or to access services closer to their home to increase compliance, these acts of good service will lead to improved customer relations. These acts will come back to the practice by having the customer then share their positive experience with others they come in contact with reinforcing your marketing strategy. Providing bridges of access to necessary services is a responsible cornerstone of practice management.

4. Add personal touches to the care: Send a simple handwritten Thank you note after a client enrolls with your service / practice or a congratulations card once they achieve their goals. The note is a gesture which states your true appreciation of the customer choosing your service in a competitive market. Thanking someone for their effort in choosing your service establishes a basis of mutual respect and appreciation.

5. Call the customer / Solicit Feedback: Taking time to call patients and customers to ask what they think is an extremely valuable tool. This provides an opportunity to check on patients after discharge to see if they have maintained their goals and exercise programs, assure they have accessed the appropriate community services to support their rehabilitation, as well as assess their level of satisfaction with services provided. The phone call is an opportunity for open discussion as well as gaining targeted information from that consumer. This can head off future problems and work towards establishing an ongoing relationship with the customer. This will again lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and developing consumer loyalty is achieved through simple, calculated tasks. By showing customers you are loyal to and honest with them, they will be satisfied with your services and be loyal in return. Feedback in any format will help you understand how your services and attempts at consumer satisfaction are perceived. Consumer perception is vital to the long term growth and sustainability of your practice. Without it you operate in a vacuum implementing strategies which may be unnecessary or unwanted. Loyal customers are your biggest asset in the maintenance and growth of your company.

Source by Gerilyn M. Gault

8 Traits Of The Ladies' Man

The phrase, women are shrouded in mystery, is a generally held viewpoint. This mindset has led men to imagine without hope of an accurate answer to what it is that women look out for in men before considering the man for a relationship. Studies have shown that the popularly held opinion of men on this issue, especially as regards what moves the women easily to a man's side has been false.

Here are a few of the traits of men that attract and keep beautiful men around them.

• Body Language – Women are actually more interested in a man's carriage than in his outfit. They generally expect their men to be confident and to walk, sit, talk and gesture with obvious confidence exuding around. A dude who may be materially handicapped may have an advantage over a really rich guy in a winning a girl over if through his body language, he is able to demonstrate that he has confidence and is sure of himself.

• Social Status – A person's position rather than the amount of money he has is more attractive to women. Worldwide experience has shown that military men and policemen marry the most physically beautiful women. The main thrust here is not even the rank, it is just that these men are conferred with authority by virtue of their jobs with its coercive power. Their women hardly leave even when they are maltreated.

• Intelligence – Smart guys also have advantage over their richer and more physically attractive counterparts. Women feel that guys with knowledge would make smarter decisions about life.

• Funny and Confident – Men who are fun to be with who exhibit confidence in their behaviour has advantage over the mind of women than their counterparts who may be endowed very well in other areas such as fashion sense. Women prefer warm, fun creating personalities over and above the fashionable.

• Personality – Women place more premium on personality than in good looks or costly apparel. Carriage over fashion, confidence over display of wealth and poise over popularity.

• Sense of Humor – A sense of humor is a winner any day with women. A man who possesses a good sense of humor has a better chance with women than a man who has a lot of money to spend on them for gifts and food.

• Arrogance – Some of the character traits men like to present to women include being nice, kind and gentle. Studies are showing that women actually prefer the bad guys especially if they are able to display their arrogance and ego. Women prefer uncontrollable men who would not accept to do what they want immediately.

• Lively Joyful Honest Personality – Women have been discovered to prefer lively, energetic and joyful personality in men than good looks, fashion and money. They believe that the zest of the lively, joyful man would provide more satisfaction than anything else in a relationship.

Source by Francis Nmeribe

Book Review – The Friendship Factor by Dr Alan Loy McGinness

The book, "The Friendship Factor: How To Get Close To The People You Care For", is about close relationships that is often called friendships. The subheading explains the main purpose of the book: How To Get Close to the People You Care For.

Intimacy is something that is difficult to develop but well-worth the time and energy to develop. Friendships without any degree of in-depth intimacy are just acquaintances. There is a process of developing friendships. It is more of an art than science. This book discusses reasons and factors on why you should have friendships. A variety of friendships is good for the enhancement of all your relationships.

The book has an interesting perspective that can help any relationship. It is about overloading your friendships into one person. Most people would approach friendships based on similarities such as relatives (family similarities) and then expect (with emphasis on expect) that all facets of that particular relationship to be aligned and bonding. That is not the case. You can not have one person be everything for you to the point where if that person does not fulfill that role then the friendship is doomed.

The "Friendship Factor" discusses having a variety of friendships based on different interests. You may have a group of friends who enjoy fishing or reading classical books. You can stay within the realm of that relationship based on the commonality such as fishing or classical books. Your "fishing buddies" will serve the purpose of fishing. You do not have to talk about your job with these group of friends. With the expansion of on-line communities, it is easy to meet other people with similar interests (though you have to approach this path cautiously and discretion).

It places tremendous burden on one person (eg your spouse) if you expect them to have the exact hobbies or thinking. Instead, you should consider that "variety is the spice of life" including your relationships. As a pre-caution, the type of activity can reflect on the quality of that relationship. Drinking buddies may not be the best type of friendships as it could get your in trouble such as driving under the influence. The type of activity reflects strongly on the long-term quality of that relationship.

Friendship is by choice not be chance. You have the choice to choose who to be friends with. This book gives tools to expand or enhance those friendships in your life.

Source by Pascasio JR Felisilda

Insecurity In Relationships – Do not Let Paranoia Ruin Your Marriage

Is it possible to end up in divorce court because of insecurity in relationships? I think it depends on the individuals but insecurity can either confirm suspicions or force a spouse to leave because of the craziness often times associated with insecurity in relationships.

Some folks are so insecure that they have a hard time relating to their spouse or others. It's possible for some to have a difficult time adjusting to the married life. Sure, the relationship may have been wonderful before the marriage but once the wedding takes place and commitments are made, insecurity in relationships can creep in.

There may be some past relationships where a person has been hurt that's causing insecurity in the marriage. Perhaps lingering memories of a difficult breakup in the past are fueling insecure feelings in the marriage. There may have been infidelity or even an ugly divorce in a previous relationship that's driving the insecurity.

You may find yourself or others who are insecure always trying to answer the "what if" questions;

  • What if I'm not able to meet all of his / her needs and expectations?
  • What if he / she finds someone else better than me?
  • What if my looks change will he / she no longer be attracted to me?

Sometimes it's a struggle for folks to believe that they are good enough for their spouse.

So with anxiety and fear constantly on their mind, their behavior becomes troublesome and puts stress on the marriage.

There are some who are consumed with making sure their spouse is happy and approves of the relationship. The insecure person may closely examine every word, facial expression, or act by their spouse and worry unnecessarily. Always wondering "is he / she unhappy with me"; or "why is he / she not smiling as much anymore" or "he / she must be leaving me because we have not been intimate in 2 weeks".

The problem with insecurity in relationships is that sometimes it's hard to see real issues that may need addressing because of the over-reaction to everything.

If you or your spouse is struggling with insecurity in your relationships here are some things you can do to make your marriage better;

  1. Stop trying to be a mind reader. Since you know there is a level of insecurity talk it out and create a safe environment for being able to ask the question. Instead of looking at something your spouse did or did not do and wondering "what if", ask him or her for sake of clarity why or what exactly was meant or done. Do not leave it up to your imagination to figure it out.
  2. Avoid comparing your marriage to others or perhaps past relationships. If you keep focusing on broken or failed relationships you will drive your current marriage there as well.
  3. Do not try to change your spouse to make you more secure. You should strengthen your relationship so that your insecurity does not cause you to want to control every word, action or place your spouse goes.

Insecurity in relationships can result in either the insecure person sabotaging the marriage out of fear and anxiety or simply creating a frustrating unhappy marriage.

Source by DP Haynes

How Do I Make My Husband Desire Me Again? Ways to Recapture His Interest

"I wish I knew how to make my husband desire me again." Does that sound like something you've been thinking recently? If you have, you're not alone. Many marriages become stale after a few years and the wife ends up feeling as though her husband does not even notice when she's in the room. It's frustrating to be in this situation because as much as you love your husband, it's hard not to become disappointed in him when he starts neglecting your needs. Obviously, you can just sit back and hope that he'll suddenly snap out of it and start paying more attention to you, or you can take matters into your own hands. Getting him to want you again is not nearly as difficult as you might think. With the right insight you can not only recapture his interest, but you can ensure he loves you more than he ever has before.

There's an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt and that can be said for many marriages. When you become very comfortable with a person you often start pushing their needs aside. Wives are just as guilty of this as husbands and that's something you should be considering. Take an honest look at how you've been treating your spouse recently. Have you been as loving and attentive as you were in the earlier days of your relationship? If you have not, you may not realize that your husband may just be unconsciously mimicking your behavior. Many men do this without intending to. When their wife stops paying them attention, they stop paying it back. It's a cycle that's really easy to break though. Start changing that dynamic right now by doing things for your husband that you know he appreciates. Show him just how important he is to you by treating him to things like his favorite meal or tickets to his favorite sports team. He'll love that you put in the effort and it will make him want to do the same for you.

Being a little mysterious may seem a bit out of place when you're married, but it can actually make your husband desire you again. It's no secret that when a couple is dating, it's wise for the woman to play a little hard to get. Obviously, your husband already has you but you can still use some of those same principles to get him to want you more. Start chasing some of your own dreams and show him that you're still a vibrant, productive woman. He'll love that you are out doing your own thing as it shows that you value yourself. Do not share every small detail of what you've been up to. It will keep him guessing and that drives men, even husbands, wild with desire.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

Pointers For Seniors Looking to Date Again

Where do seniors meet seniors?

It is a fact that more people meet online these days than at social events or even at work and this is especially true of seniors. A surprising percentage of boomers are looking for a new relationship and find it online. I can vouch for that, it is where my wife and I met six and a half years ago now and it has been the a great move for us.

Seniors Meet Seniors Online Success Story.

I had been out of a 39 year marriage and had four children Gemma had divorced 16 years before and had two children. Of course all the 'kids' were grown up and had relationships and families of their own. Two singles, free to find new loves and new adventures. I was 60 and had 'run home to mom!'. It was one of my daughters who suggested that if I sat watching the TV night after night I would soon be old before my time.

Doing Nothing Was Tempting

After 40 years of 'homemaking' sitting still and letting the world go by was very tempting but you know it is predicted that our generation will live long lives, maybe to 100 and 40 years of being a couch potato seems more like a prison sentence than an ambition so I subscribed to a dating site.

Write an Honest Profile

Considering I had never done anything like this before I made a good decision, I had an 'allowance' of 1000 characters to write my profile, I would use every one of them and write a full and honest profile. I laid it all out, who I am, my age, how I got to be where I am today, what I like, what I dislike, what I do for fun, what I am looking for in a relationship all open all honest.

Look for an Honest Profile

How can you know when you are looking at an honest profile? Well you can not. Some people are just playing around and there is nothing wrong with that – that's what they want from the site, different experiences, a bit of fun but it was not what I wanted. I was prepared to 'kiss a few frogs' before I found my sleeping beauty but care sifting through the replies that came in every day on my e-mail account meant I did not have to.

One in a Million

The site sent me some matches and one match was amazing, she had worked just as hard as I had on her own profile. The site told me she was a one-in-a-million match to me and so it turned out. We met and wooed and two years later got engaged. We married just two years ago and as you will conclude for this it was the best move I could have made.

Goodbye to the Quiet Life – Hello Adventure

Now every day is a good day, we plan our holidays, work on our business together, on our home and enjoy a fantastic 'extended family life.

When Seniors Meet Seniors and they strike a good bond they bring something to their new relationship that they never had before – experience. Experience of making mistakes and a determination not to make those mistakes again. You might have guessed that I heartily recommend it, if you are a senior considering dating late in life do not delay, somewhere out there is a great relationship for you and all you have to do is reach out for it and live life to the full again.

Source by J Bennett anthony

What Is Fitzgerald Trying to Say About the American Dream in 'The Great Gatsby'?

The American dream is such a major theme in The Great Gatsby that whether you are studying it was just reading it for fun you must be wondering what Fitzgerald is trying to say about. Some people argue the book of the criticism of the American dream, some people think Fitzgerald is trying to say the American dream is dead, others think the criticism is solely of Gatsby who paid the price of living too long with a single dream. Let's have a look at some quotes from the Great Gatsby.

Gaby's dream is the most prominent of the book. It is all encompassing, it has taken over his life completely. He thought he loved Daisy, but when he finally met her after all these years he found that he still wanted more. He wanted her to say that she never loved another man. He could not be happy with what he had, he has to be perfect. He is an example of people who abuse the American dream.

Character's like Myrtle and Wilson look up and Daisy and Tom. They want what they have, they think that they have achieved the American Dream. The reader knows different thought, we can see exactly how happy Daisy and Tom are. Behind the façade of perfection they present, their perfect marriage, in their lovely house with their beautiful daughter, they are both bored and unhappy. With no job and no purpose in life they have grown 'restless.' Both of them have affairs and neither seems to care about there child. Fitzgerald is trying to say that life is not what you imagine at the top.

It is obvious that, at least in the world of the Great Gatsby, money does not buy you happiness. Unfortunately it is just as clear that the lower classes are obsessed with money and view it as their ticket to living the dream. When you only look at their bank balances Gatsby and Tom are both wildly successful and that is all the lower classes see.

The photograph that Gatsby's father carries around with him becomes the symbol of this obsession of the lower classes. Instead of carrying a picture of his son he carries aa picture of his house, a symbol of his wealth, and what proves he is a success. Just as Gatsby was lured by Dan Cody's expensive yacht, so the next generation will look at this photo and think that if they work hard enough they can come from nothing like Gatsby and be as happy as him. The sad fact is we know Gatsby was never happy and when he died no one came to his funeral.

What can we draw from this then, does Fitzgerald think the American dream is dead. On the contrary I believe that he thinks it will continue perpetually, the people always look at the rich and wish they could be like them. And so the book is not telling you the American dream is dead is telling you that it will always live on and be wary of its promises.

Source by Matthew Alexander Jackson

Using the Switchword Pair CRYSTAL-HORSE to Increase Self-Confidence and Self-Worth

Switchwords are powerful poignant words used to connect directly to the subconscious mind, giving it direction for drawing the essence of the Switchword to you. The more a Switchword is repeated, the more it affects your energy. The more it affects your energy, the more you draw the experience, condition or response the Switchword represents to you.

CRYSTAL-HORSE – increases self-confidence and self-worth

When you need a boost in self-confidence or self-worth, try chanting CRYSTAL-HORSE.

CRYSTAL helps to clarify the situation, connect to Universal Knowledge; HORSE connects you to your strengths, your power. Together this can be a very empowering Switchword combination.


CRYSTAL-HORSE can be added as a prefix to other Switchwords to enhance your ability to connect with the essence of those Switchwords.


  • CRYSTAL-HORSE-ACT – increase self -confidence in speech. Need to lead a discussion? Have a meeting with a superior at work? When you wish to present yourself well to others, chant a few times before (or just as you are) entering the situation.
  • CRYSTAL-HORSE-CHUCKLE – increase self -confidence and turn on personality. Want to be the life of the party? Want people to gravitate to you? Want to make friends? When you wish to turn on the charisma and increase your popularity in a group, chan as you are about to enter a situation with other people.
  • CRYSTAL-HORSE-LISTEN – increase self -confidence and self-worth by listening to (and following) Inner Guidance. Feel disconnected from yourself, your world? Having difficulty finding your way? Decisions and choices seem impossible? Always second-guessing yourself? Chant for 2-3 minutes first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed, and allow yourself to connect. Then through the day, as you find yourself wavering, not knowing, chant a few times and connect to your Inner Guidance, self-confidence and self-worth.


CRYSTAL-HORSE can be used as a suffix to other Switchwords to be enhanced by them.


  • VIBRANT-CRYSTAL-HORSE – be a strong presence with increased self-confidence and self-worth. Want to stand out in a crowd, and feel confident while doing so? Want to stand up for yourself? Want to bring power and confidence to a situation? Chant to come into your power, stand up for yourself and stand out in a crowd.
  • WHIMSICAL-CRYSTAL-HORSE – be innovative with confidence. Looking to bring new things into your life? Want to come up with unique ideas in your work? Want to create an event to remember? Chant to bring you to a creative space and give you the confidence to follow through on it.
  • YES! -CRYSTAL-HORSE – be enthusiastic , energized and full of self-confidence. Need a shot of enthusiasm? Life been a bit too boring lately? Chant to help bring enthusiasm back and energize yourself and bring yourself to a space of self-confidence.
  • ELATE-CRYSTAL-HORSE – turn setbacks into uplifts, build self-confidence and self-worth. Been having a lot of setbacks affecting your self-confidence? Feel like everything is going wrong? Life seem to be pushing you around? Chant to find a way to turn those setbacks into uplifts and to help restore your self-confidence.

Take these for a spin. See how they work for you. Let us know your experiences.

Source by Kat P Miller

Causes and Effects of Dysfunctional Family Relationships

To raise a healthy child requires consistent reliable diligence, love, kindness, effective communication and the ability to apply reasonable parameters and boundaries of discipline in the home. Understandably, financial and emotional provisions are standard necessities if one is to raise a balanced family and have a reasonable lifestyle. When parents repeatedly fail to deliver their roles with awareness and sensitivity to each member of the family, the family unit may become unbalanced. Difficult behaviours may result in one or all of the family members. Dysfunctional relationships occur and are maintained when the action and communication lines are continuously breeched and broken and can not be restored for the benefit of each party.

The infant is designed positively at birth to receive a level of quality nurturing from its biological care givers. Apart from the infant's absolute dependency, all infants come into this world with physiological and emotional needs that ought to be considered responsibly and lovingly as they grow and develop. The family environment that parents create plays an important role in determining how an infant will be raised and whether it will be a well adjusted child, teenager and finally, a responsible adult, who in turn will rear its own well orientated family.

Long term deprivation, neglect or abuse of specific needs (caused by insensitive parenting roles), are able to affect a child's development, emotional responses and personality formation. These behaviours will readily transfer from parents to their offspring. If dysfunctional role modelling and communication have occurred within the family without any intervention and no behaviour modifications are managed in the individual's lifetime, the transmission of these behaviours is probable and will very likely prevail into the next generation.

Frequent displays of negative (or absent) communication and behaviour, by one or more persons within the family, which are ultimately difficult for the family members to cope with, will seep into the family, creating a dysfunctional set of relationships. Each individual in the family may encounter a level of reaction while relationships spiral and change into a fixed pattern of responses that deal with what they are experiencing. These burdening moments defy the norm. Families may be openly oblivious of these events and may accept the havoc as it comes because this is what they are used to, while others unused to the change may grasp for unusual coping mechanisms or hopefully, realistic and humane solutions to avoid their re-occurrence .

All families experience their unique troubles and problems at some stage or another. In all fairness, these events should pass. We all know this. Life in this millennium is not designed to be a straight line without hitches and bumpy rides now and again. However, when problems re-occur frequently in the home, parents need to be aware of them and pay attention to their remedy if they are to avoid permanently dysfunctional relationships within the family.

Symptoms that may be the cause or effect of the dysfunctional family may include one or more of these consistent behaviours:

– Difficult parents without adequate flexibility and insight
– Absent parenting style (there, but not there)
– Ridicule or belittling, or over-criticizing
– Prejudice towards one or more family members
– Mixed feelings of love and hate
– Faulty communication
– Lack of attentiveness to issues of importance (brush off, downplay or avoidance)
– Lack of care or concern for the needs of another (absent care or denial)
– Lacking in the ability to empathise with children, siblings or parents

– Dual values ​​and double standards, or lack of clear boundaries
– Diminished ability to make decisions
– Over-interest or micro management of one member or the entire family
– Insensitivity towards other family member (s)
– Emotional intolerance
– Emotional outbursts
– Emotional insecurities
– Depression, deep rooted anxiety and feelings of gloom and despair
– Childish behaviours in adults
– Poor self image and worth, or lack of sufficient self identity
– Controlled / contrived speech or stifled speech
– Verbal abuse which others must tolerate
– Sexual or physical abuse that other members must accommodate
– Overworked family environment lacking any family fun (workaholic – no recreation)
– Perfectionist behaviours, over-demanding parents or children
– Disowning behaviours of parents or children
– Isolation or inadequate socialising with others
– Narcissistic parents or children
– Rule-by-fear parenting
– Bullying (to re-gain the upper hand)
– Growing up too fast because of advanced roles
– Reduction of roles and responsibilities caused by over protectiveness

Source by Kiki Bakker