Preparing Yourself for Long Distance Relationships

Have a look around you. What do you see? People with their cellphones in hand, people using their laptops – people using their various devices. If you take a peek at what they are doing, what would you see? They are probably working, communicating with someone or logging into social networking sites. Now, are you still surprised why the number of long distance relationships have increased?

Starting a long distance relationship sounds fairly easy, but do you just want to jump in and get on the ride? Or would you rather prepare yourself for whatever ups and downs would come along?

First and foremost, look into the things that you need to understand about these kinds of relationships. Like, are you ready to be separated for the most part of your relationship? It is in the name itself – long distance relationship. If you are a person who can not endure being away from the one you love, then look for a person who is not far away from you. Because if you do, it is as if you are putting yourself out for emotional suicide.

If you have weighed things out and have decided on getting into such a relationship, prepare yourself emotionally. In a long distance relationship, your emotions are going to take the toll from missing your significant other. Missing them is good but missing them for too long may be another story. As always, too much of something is bad enough.

Aside from preparing yourself emotionally, you also have to have communication channels ready. What good is preparing yourself emotionally if you still are not going to find a way to "lessen" the gap between you and your partner? Communication is going to serve as the bridge between you and them. Without which, the relationship will not be cultivated and may eventually fail.

I do not know if this could count to be part of the emotional preparation, but I would like to stress on this value – patience. Be patient with your partner. Since they are away from us, this gives us the chance to wonder what they are doing, who they are with and the like. If you text them and they do not respond, or if you call them and they do not pick up, wait. They might just be a little busy, who knows, right? Not everyone is going to be available in an instant. Wait for them to contact you back or if they do not, ask them later on why they did not. A patient man goes a long way in life, mind you.

Source by Lynly Pioc

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