Relationship – How to Repair a Stranded Relationship

The future of the relationship could depend on your ability to spot the telltale signs of cheating in time. In view of the rapidly rising divorce rates, and current statistics showing that more than 50% of men cheat on their mates, a wife can no longer afford to be the "last one to know."

If you can catch the signs in time you might avoid the pain of infidelity and be able to repair your relationship. It is equally telling that during the affair, more than 60% of the men spent more time away from home. Spouses are nearly always accurate in their perceptions about their relationships. One spouse feels neglected and finds comfort in a friendship that blossom into an intimate relationship. Some of the characteristics to watch for are secrecy and depth of intimate sharing.

He may seem rather preoccupied, distant and the relationship with the partner may seem emotionally disconnected. In physical infidelity, such friendship may or may not exist. Many people also indulge in "one-night" stand, but the person is all the more preoccupied with his appearance. For the sake of your sanity, and your relationship, it is important to spot the signs of infidelity before it is too late. Some people may derive a perverse sense of satisfaction from having a secret relationship, accumulating sexual experiences and cheating on the spouse.

Abusive relationships are characterized by the following:
Extreme jealousy, emotional withholding, lack of intimacy, raging, sexual coercion, infidelity, verbal abuse, threats, lies, broken promises, physical violence, power plays and control games. Abuse does not have to be physical. The most usual phrase is: "I think we have started to lose something important in our marriage, and I do not want it to disappear." In the meantime, commit to keeping tabs on your relationship and doing what it takes to keep it working for you. That's why it makes sense to invest in a relationship reference book like Getting Her Back – For Good? After all, most families have a medical reference book in their home to alert them to the signs and symptoms of health and medical problems.

What you see in the relationships of others, you can not see in your own relationships. The signs of infidelity shall pass while you're dealing with denial and pride. This manual "Getting her Back" will allow you to repair the relationship on a high note for you.

Every person's personal library should contain a relationship reference book with detailed information on how to recognize the warning signs of infidelity. What is unique about the warning signs listed here is that once you know what to look for, all the signs can be easily found using only your eyes and ears, your personal knowledge of your husband, and the information provided in the book. As long as there's no action, it's healthy in a relationship to hear him speak and admire attractive women. Talk to him what you find in other men attractive so he will not feel that it is a one-way street. So go with your heart, remember you do not want to be the victim here; you want to be a person who works to build a happy relationship. And counseling may be the option for you to help you work through the issue.

It may sound an obvious theory, but many people – worrying about unfaithfulness in their relationship, forget or choose to ignore this simple principle. It must indicate they're a cheat! If you can catch the signs in time you might avoid the pain of infidelity and be able to repair your relationship. It's equally telling that during the affair 60% of the men spent more time away from home. In the context of this article about close relationships, infidelity is referred to as cheating, which is 'any violation of the mutually agreed-upon rules or boundaries of a relationship'. The definition of what constitutes an act of infidelity varies between different cultures.

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