Relationships And Its Importance In One's Life

A bond that two people share with each other is known as a relationship. A relationship has no perfect definition one can not explain a relationship via words or a definition. Relationship differs from person to person. The meaning also differs from person to person. One can have many relationships at a time and no two relationships can be the same means no two relations can have a similar quality. Relationships are very hard to define. Right from birth till death one has running behind the relationships. And how beautifully one follows or make a relationship forever is how he is been judged. In fact people themselves make parameters for assessing that how far they were capable in keeping up the relationship. Any relation is very tough to follow till the end. There is nothing like sure short formulae for success in a relationship. The person has to keep on trying to carry off his relationships.

When a child is born first person with whom the bond is created is the mother. And since starts the trail of relationships. Which relationship is to be accepted and continued depends on an individual. A relation can be a mother- daughter relation, daughter – father relation, girlfriend – boyfriend relation, grandparents – grand children relation, and teacher – student relation etc. There is a never-ending list of relations that one can have in his or her lifetime. Every relation has its own value and can not be compared to each other. The above mentioned relations are the ones that come at different stages of life. When a child is born he has a bonding with his parents and then his grandparents if he has the bonding with the grandparents is the one that is the best because the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are inculcated by them will be remembered lifelong and then as the child grows a little he sees everything in his or her teachers. Teacher student relationship is said to be the best.

As it has been observed around the world that relationship keep people happy and satisfied. If someone is feeling low, he can make a call to his friend and share his problem with him. This helps in getting a solution to his problem. Similarly, one feel to share any good news in his life such as passing competitive exam, first job, etc with his parents. People have to understand that relationships help them emotionally and hence he should take care of relationships.

Source by Jessica N King

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