Satisfying Your Middle Aged Wife and Bringing Back the Spark

Satisfying your middle aged wife is just like satisfying any woman, the distinct advantage you have is the fact that you know her likes and dislikes. Some men say that this is harder because things may have got a little stale but it does not take long to bring back the spark which may have started to burn lower. You can start by remembering how things used to be when you first started dating and compare them to how they are now.

I realise that you may have started dating 20+ years ago and you are not as fit as you used to be but in reality, these are just excuses. If you truly love someone you will find ways to be happy.

Things may have got a little stale but there are so many ways to satisfy her, remember – sex makes up only a small percentage of love making. Let's talk about being sensual, there are massage techniques which when used with aromatic oils can really arouse her.

Get away for a long weekend break, just walk into the house one Friday and tell her that you've booked a room at a lovely hotel, her bags are packed and all she has to do is get in the car. Once you get settled into the room, call room service for some champagne and strawberries, once you have your order let her know that you've sent her clothes and yours to be cleaned and inform her that you did not pack any more.

Sex toys are not just for lonely old housewives, men should really learn how to use the products to the best of their ability. We always used to think that a woman who owned a vibrator would use it when her husband was at work or away at a meeting. Sex toys should be used to add spice to your sex life. Do not forget guys, there are sex toys out there for men too.

It's a well know fact that women reach their sexual peak when they're in their forties, what is not so documented is that they keep their sexual peak for a long time.

Source by Dale Rafferty

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