Attracting New Customers To Your New Catering Business

So you have set up your dream catering business? How do you go about getting new customers? Here are a few tips:


Your catering business should have its own website complete with sample menus, customer testimonials and references, pictures of some of your presentations, pictures of your food and, of course, all of your contact information. You can also advertise your website on the Internet through pay per click ads, search engine optimization for appropriate localized phrases and advertise on local community websites.

Wedding Directories

Some of the biggest customers for catering companies are wedding receptions. Get your ad or pitch in front of brides, grooms and wedding planners. You can advertise in local wedding newsletters, newspaper sections and magazines. Advertise online by getting listed in every major wedding directory, some may require a fee, but if they have good traffic to their directory, the ad should pay for itself many times over in new customers.


Establish good relationships with wedding planners, florists, party stores etc. Once you have done a good job for one wedding planner, for instance, they will send you more business in the future. You can even give discounts to wedding planners who recommend your services, this further increases the chances of them recommending your catering business in the future.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to expand your business. When you have done a stellar job serving one wedding event, the people at the wedding will remember your food and may think of your business for their own weddings, parties and other events.

Good PR

Also under the category of word of mouth is good PR, or public relations. Send out press releases, try to get a feature article in the local food section, contribute articles to food and catering related magazines and newspapers. Do a great job at every event you cater so people will remember your company.


Distribute flyers in your community and to local businesses. Businesses often have parties for birthdays, company anniversaries, company picnics and holiday parties, and they usually will need a caterer for these events.

Yellow Pages

Despite the ubiquitousness of the Internet these days, many people still rely on the yellow pages to find businesses in their community. Make sure to place your ad in the caterers section of your local yellow pages, it's well worth the cost.

Using these tips, you should be able to attract new customers to your catering business to keep it prospering for many years to come.

Source by Lydia Quinn

Tips On How To Crack The Pick 6 Lotto Code

The majority of individuals who get into pick 6 games use random numbers, but if you're looking to crack the lottery code it's going to take more than doing what many others are already doing. Thus, it would make sense to stay away from simply choosing "favorite" numbers, birth dates, dates of anniversaries, and so on. These numbers have already been used and lost thousands of times by thousands of unsuccessful players. Cracking the code is all about using scientific and mathematical processes.

Remember, picking numbers using very common (but unfortunately ineffective) methods like using birth dates and sequenced numbers will not crack the lottery code. The reason for this is that the administrators of such games are banking on the common and ineffective methods already used by millions of people. They do not want people to win each and every time, because if that were the case, they would lose massive amounts of money.

Simply stay away from the misconceptions. It's incredible just what number combinations will make you lose. Think of it this way – many other people, like you, are trying to hit the jackpot. What do you feel they are thinking? Of course, they are trying to think of using things like repetition and sequences to win. They think that by repeating numbers constantly, they improve their odds of winning. They think by using numbers in a sequence like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, no one else have used such numbers and thus they are likely to win.

The truth is, repeating numbers is not the key to cracking the code, but using a mixture of number types is. Winners have used a mix of both hot and cold numbers, odd and even numbers, and so on. Furthermore, sequenced numbers have already been used by so many people than imagined.

Now that you know what not to do, let's talk about some ways to find that winning lottery code. One way is to look back. If you think about it, lotteries have existed for decades. We now have the upper hand in reviewing long histories of drawn winning numbers. You can now utilize all this data appropriately to our advantage over those individuals who just play based on random numbers.

Putting together the power of proven science with your analysis of historical winning numbers will result the ability to produce tiny pools of numerical segments that have better odds of being picked sooner or later. Realizing these tinier pools of numbers is the basis of raising the probability of winning on a more consistent basis. You may not necessarily win big, but it's the probability of winning more often that is greatly improved.

Not yet ready to use mathematical solutions? You do not have to be an expert in math. To crack the lottery code, you first have to invest in a good system specifically made to increase your chances of obtaining the winning combination. But for it to work properly in the first place, the system must be user-friendly and allow you to produce a personalized profile in a short amount of time. You might also find it helpful for a system to be able to function for all lottery number systems.

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Is Giving Jewelry Too Personal for a Co-Worker or Friend?

Jewelry can seem like the perfect gift for a loved one for any number of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries; to Valentine's Day. But what about as a gift for friends and coworkers? Is the gift of unusual handmade jewelry too personal? The true answer is that it depends on the situation. If a coworker from across the office that you say hi to at the coffee maker gets a promotion, giving jewelry is probably not the appropriate response. A verbal congratulations or even a greeting card would be best.

What it comes down to is how well you know the person. Jewelry is a personal item, so you want to make sure you know their taste and style before you make that purchase. The whole point of giving unusual handcrafted jewelry is so that the person has something special to add to their collection and hopefully they'll wear it often. As an example, if you do not know someone well enough to know that they do not care for yellow gold and then you buy them a yellow gold piece, then jewelry was not a good idea for a gift.

But if your co-worker also happens to be a good friend, then jewelry can be a great choice for a gift. And the same guidelines fit for friends too. If the friend is more of an acquaintance, then you probably do not know their style well enough to pick a piece of unusual handmade jewelry that they'll love and wear. You should know them well enough to scan through a bunch of unusual handcrafted jewelry on a website and say, "she would totally wear that" when you see the right piece.

Part of knowing a person's style is noticing the kind of jewelry your friend wears on a day-to-day basis. If she wears a lot of flashy jewelry or dresses in clothes with a lot of beading or flashy detail, a nice cocktail ring or bib necklace might be a good choice. If her jewelry and wardrobe are a little more understated, a thin necklace or a small pair of earrings would work. Also look at the colors they tend to wear. If she wears more neutrals and warm colors, stay away from jewelry with cool colors. If she wears a lot of patterns, choose unusual handmade jewelry with one type of gemstone or something with pearls or just metals.

And, of course, do not forget the presentation. Put the jewelry in a nice box, even if it did not come with one, wrap it up and put it with a thoughtful card. Your friend or co-worker is sure to be touched!

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Gifts For Kids With Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a disorder which can not be treated though there are techniques and tips to keep the developmental abilities of the kids and infants to be responsive to the environment.

If you are a grandparent or a person who needs to pick up a gift for a kid or a teen with Down syndrome you need to be well aware what Down syndrome is and what kind of gift works well with the kids with this disorder so as to not offend the sensibilities of the kid. Often the gifts need to be sensitive to the parents feeling too as it is they who have this child who is different than other kids.

The kids with Down syndrome have to be specifically geared to responds to the social fabric around them as well as be receptive to the needs of the social environment they are in. Down syndrome can affect the sensory movements of the kids or the moor movements of the kids.

The motor movements are of two types namely the large motor movements and the fine motor movements. The large motor movements are of the legs and arms. There are special gifts for kids who are slow to have these movements. These toys can be given as gifts for the kids for example toys with sounds or toys with special gyms in it which will help develop the strength in arms and legs.

The sensory skills of the kids with Down syndrome are also very weak and the best gifts for kids with Down syndrome are to give them things which can develop these skills. These gifts include the blankets or special paying quilts with big patches of different colors and sizes as that will help develop the sense of color and sizes.

Another very special need of kids with disorder sis need to have a companion they socialize with also they need to be told that they are sensitive and can be taken cares of. The need for emotional security is very foremost for them. Hence in the market place there are dolls which are made in cognizance of the above fact I have stated above regarding the need for emotional and social security.

So make sure to give an appropriate downs syndrome gift.

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Gifts They'll Love – 12 Thoughtful, Memorable, Useful Gifts

Socks, shirts and sweaters – they do make useful gifts, but they're boring.

Here are some GREAT gift ideas …

(In other words … How to make your girlfriend / boyfriend love you forever.)


You can not go far wrong with chocolates and flowers, but you can find gifts which are even better.

The trick to thoughtful, considerate, MEMORABLE gift giving is to give a gift which involves a little bit of work on your part. When she sees your gift and realizes the trouble you went to just for her, she'll be impressed. Let's face it – she may actually be amazed to discover that you're not the inconsiderate slob she thought you were.

Here are some ideas for memorable gifts …

1. This is SO simple, but she'll love it – and you, for being so thoughtful.

Give her a digital photo frame. But wait! That's NOT the gift. Gather together a collection of your best pics of the two of you together (nice romantic ones) and load them into the photo frame. For years to come, every time she looks at those photos, she'll love you a little bit more. You'll keep winning points every day!

(An attractive photo album will make a good gift, too. Remember to fill it with pictures of the two of you together.)

What's so convenient about this gift is that it does not matter if she already has half a dozen digital photo frames or photo albums. It's adding your own personal touch that makes YOUR gift so memorable.

She'll love the fact that you went to a little bit of trouble to make this gift so special.

2. Give a promise. For this thoughtful gift idea, you're limited only by your imagination – and by how well you know her.

Give her a nice card saying: "The owner of this card is entitled to a full body massage by …" and YOU be the one who gives her the full body massage. That's a gift for two, right?

You could promise "an afternoon of pampering at XYZ Beauty Salon".

Or your card could promise a romantic night in. Candles, a setting for two, and a meal cooked by you.

3. What if you do not trust your own cooking? That's OK. In the US, you can get delicious gourmet meals delivered to your door by You can choose from various styles – Parisian, Cajun, Fusion, etc., and even get special Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners. What a fabulous gift.

4. Perfume is not very original, but think of the benefits … It's a wonderfully effective gift because (a) women love perfume and (b) she'll think of you every time the scent you gave her wafts into her nostrils. Think how often that is! So make sure to be VERY careful to buy her favorite brand or one very similar. Have a little chat with her best friend or sister and ask for tips.

5. Gift certificates. OK, I'll admit this is a little bit boring, but a Gift Certificate is a very useful gift because you can 100% guarantee that she's going to receive a gift she WANTS – because she'll choose it. And it will fit.

6. Wine is a lovely gift. Think about it. What goes WITH a nice bottle of wine? Answer: A cozy, memorable meal for two while you sample your gift. And afterwards …? Well, that's up to you. If you're feeling specially generous, give her a Wine of the Month Club membership. Remember, gifts that keep on giving, keep her thinking of you. (A wine club membership can be a perfect gift for a man, too, for all the same reasons.)

Want to know what other gifts your girlfriend may like to receive? You can listen to hints she drops as her birthday or Christmas approaches, but it will probably be much more useful if you have a little chat with her best friend.


Men are basically simple. They like gifts they can eat or drink. Here are some ideas …

1. A Micro Beer of the Month Club membership. How could you possibly go wrong with a gift like this? He'll think of you fondly every month when a new beer arrives to sample.

2. Most men love gadgets, too. Hugely popular right now is the Flip Mino HD camcorder / video camera. This tiny camcorder is super slim, super sleek, weighs only 3.3 ounces and yet it will take one hour of high-quality video. He can use the USB to plug it into his computer to recharge it, and connect it by cable to the TV to watch the videos on TV. Even if he has not mentioned the Flip Mino, he WANTS this! You can have fun together using it.

3. A Cloud 9 Experience. Here's something he'll remember for the rest of his life – and remember the thoughtful person who gave it to him. It's an extraordinary, special experience from Experiences range from ballooning, car racing, dune buggy rides and bungee jumping to more sedate but still memorable experiences such as wine tasting or a gondola cruise, and a whole lot of other adventure experiences. You can also choose a Cloud 9 experience you share together. Check it out. He'll love this.

4. Times are tougher, now, right? But you do not want to hand over money. Giving money is thoughtful but somehow misses the spot, does not it? Here's something better … Give him an investment in one of America's big businesses. Think you can not afford that? Do not worry – specializes in selling ONE SHARE in each of a lot of large companies. This gift will remain a talking point for years to come – and he'll think of you every time that big company is in the news. If it makes him think of you, it's got to be a useful gift!

5. Steak. A man who does not drool over a luscious, tender steak is rare indeed. Make his favorite dinner and turn it into a special occasion by candlelight. Sound too simple? Do not be fooled. He'll LOVE this!

6. Lobsters delivered. Show him how much you love him by ordering something really special. With any luck, you'll get to share the delicious meal. You can order gourmet meals from – you job is to provide the candlelight and the romance. Enjoy!

Source by Trish Donella

What Is a Trilogy Ring?

Many people are confused and curious as to what this three stone ring is and represents. The most succinct definition of the word trilogy is a group of three. Initially the three pertained to three related literary works, either books or films, but later the word trilogy has been combined with the word ring in the jewellery world to represent a certain style of ring.

The trilogy ring is a three stone ring consisting of purely diamonds, or two diamonds and a feature gemstone.

When would you present a trilogy ring?

Many people use these three stone rings instead of the more traditional diamond solitaire engagement ring, to propose to their loved one. Another instance when the ring is used is on significant anniversaries or occasions which are meaningful to you as a couple and partnership. The gentleman may also present this ring as a gift to his wife or partner upon the birth of their child.

These rings are not only a modern phenomenon and have been available for some time now. Many antique trilogy rings can be found in the Victorian era, where they were equally as popular. Many more modern takes of this three stone ring can now also be found.

Trilogy versus the eternity ring

The Eternity ring is a full circle of diamonds and this represents the full circle of love, this full circle also signifies never ending. Whereas the trilogy represent love of past, present and future! Although they both differ in their meaning they both stem from the sentiment of love. Therefore the preferred ring would simply depend on the message and sentiment you are trying to convey to your loved one as well as what you feel they personally would prefer.

So what does the trilogy ring stand for ?

The symbolism behind the trilogy ring appeals to today's generation, offering the declaration (and confirmation) of you are my past, my present and my future, which replaces the simpler sentiment of I love you offered at the turn of the century.

Often with trilogy ring, the central stone is slightly larger, or set slightly higher than the other two supporting stones, to signify the importance of the present, reaffirming the significance of we are in this moment together. Diamonds are thought to be the ultimate symbol of love and durability of promises made, however the centre stone of a trilogy ring may be a particular gemstone employed to convey a further feeling or emotion, such as: green emerald for faithfulness, the blue sapphire for truth and peace and the red ruby ​​for passion.

When the trilogy ring is given in a mature relationship, it is said that the centre stone defines commitment, and the supporting stones, trust and respect. Many Christian couples may consider an alternative meaning with the centre stone representing God as the hub of the relationship and the two side stones the couple joined through their faith in God.

The engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring all signify particular moments or events. The versatile trilogy ring may be presented as an engagement ring or as alternative to the more conventional eternity ring. The trilogy ring may also be given as a token of expression around a personal celebration or sentiment such as the birth of a child, or an anniversary.

So, what is the meaning of a trilogy ring? In a nutshell, a trilogy ring declares: You are my life – My past, present and future are with you. Could there be a more romantic way to acknowledge your relationship than to celebrate the past, present and future you share together?

Source by Andrew Stuart Campbell

Special Occasion Flower Delivery

Do you want to surprise that special someone? Is it someone's birthday? Do you want to send a "just because" message to someone? Well then you should look into using flower delivery service.

A flower delivery service always saves the day with those last minute special occasion gifts. If you are trapped at the office and can not find the time to get away to buy a gift for that someone special, you should send a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day and let them know you care.

If a person is having a bad day and they need a little cheering up, you can let them know you care with a small "I'm thinking about you" flower bouquet. Everyone likes to know that they have someone who cares about them enough to make an effort for them just for no reason at all. You can take advantage of the delivery service that will come with the purchase of the flowers too.

The flowers can be ordered over the phone or online and then with a credit card and a delivery address the flowers can be on their way whenever you ask them to be there. The flowers can arrive even the same day of the purchase. Rush deliveries may cost you a little more but they are always available. Whether you are trying to book a flower delivery a month from the date you purchase them or even a few days from the date, it is going to cost you the same amount and will be the same fresh flowers you ordered every time.

Weddings often use special occasion flower delivery services. It is hard to get THAT many flowers from point A. to point B. unless you have a van or a truck. These services will prepare decorations and bouquets of flowers of your choice and have them delivered and set up at the place the event is being held.

Birthdays also deserve a little sweetening too. People love getting flowers for their birthday. They look great at work or at home to freshen up any room or desk. If someone is working on their birthday it is always a nice gesture to give a bouquet of flowers to them to brighten up their day.

Getting flowers just makes people feel good. You do not need to go all out spending all that time finding a meaningless gift at the mall or what have you. Whatever the occasion and no matter how special it is, the flowers will be extra special to the person receiving such a thoughtful gift.

Source by Mark Middleton

The Difference Between Sleepwear and Lingerie

When a guy is trying to think of the perfect romantic gift to give to the girl that he loves, one of the first things that often comes to mind is sleepwear or lingerie. In fact, studies have shown that one of the most common responses men give when quizzed on what a good gift for the women in their life would be is "sleepwear or lingerie".

But hold on just a minute! Is it sleepwear, or is it lingerie? What's that? You thought they were the same thing? Far from it. The difference between sleepwear and lingerie is quite vast, and it's an important one to take note of. After all, even though this is supposed to be a present for her, you'll hopefully be spending a great deal of time getting up close and personal with it yourself … so it pays to know what you're getting into!

To begin with, what is the difference between sleepwear and lingerie? Simply put, sleepwear is something that you sleep in, and lingerie is something that you (typically) wear to bed. If that does not make the distinction plain enough for you, let's put it this way: most sleepwear is still on the woman the next morning, most lingerie usually makes its way to the bedroom floor at some point!

Sleepwear is often luxurious, well-tailored clothing intended to help a woman get the rest she needs to remain beautiful and vivacious. They're usually made of high quality fabrics such as imported silks, or finely woven satins, and are cool and soft to the touch. They allow a woman to rest easily but still have the support and warmth she needs, and to wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Do not get the impression that "sleepwear" refers to old flannel shirts or muu muus, however. Today's sleepwear is an elegant affair, often containing elaborate designs and stylish cuts. This is probably where much of the confusion comes from – some sleepwear can be just as appealing (and just as revealing!) As lingerie!

Lingerie, on the other hand, is the kind of garment that is typically worn for a romantic evening in with just the two of you together. Think things like garter belts, delicate stockings, and elegant, lacy bras, and you'll be starting to get the picture. Many men feel uncomfortable giving lingerie because they feel like it's a gift "for them" rather than for the women in their lives. This, however, could not be further from the truth! Most women feel uniquely flattered when they receive a gift like lingerie from the men they love, because it makes them feel sexy, desired, and attractive.

You do have to keep in mind the woman you're shopping for, however. Not all women will be comfortable wearing revealing skimpy lingerie, and others will view sleepwear as something "old-fashioned" rather than classy. It all depends. Note that just because the woman in your life does not respond to one or the other does not mean you can not still have fun. It's possible to sleep in lingerie and wake up feeling energized, and given the nice designs in modern sleepwear, it's also perfectly possible for it to become an erotically charged garment in its own right.

Which direction you go in the sleepwear vs. lingerie debate is up to you and the woman you're buying for. You can not go wrong, however, if you keep her and her unique personality in mind as you shop.

Source by Annette Lackovic

Why Does a Watch Make Such a Great Gift?

If you really want to find someone a present that will go down well then a watch could be the perfect option. But what is it about a timepiece that makes it so ideal for any situation? Here are a few reasons why if you are struggling for a good present idea, a watch could be the perfect solution.

Long Lasting
Good quality watches such as Ice watches and Ted Baker watches are built to last. Some are better than others, but the fact is that if you spend a bit of money on a good make and model there is a good chance that it will last for many years with the right care and attention. This makes it ideal for special celebrations like an 18th birthday or a wedding anniversary as it will provide a lasting reminder of the special date.

Watches can be very stylish items to wear, especially if you choose a good brand such as Sekonda or Police watches. A quality watch can be a great fashion statement in the same way that classy jewellery can be. You could therefore choose someone an expensive watch that they can wear to parties and social events to make a good impression.

Very Personal
If you are trying to say something special with your present then a watch can be the ideal way to say it. Classy watches such as Citizen and Bulover watches are the perfect way for you to give someone a present that is very personal and means something. Both the choosing of the watch and matching its style to that of the receiver are ways for you to show them that you have put a lot of thought into the present.

Even if the person you are buying a watch for is not interested in looking fashionable, you can not discount the fact that a watch is a very useful device. Watches are not only designed to tell the time but to also provide a range of other functions. You could find someone a dedicated watch for diving such as Rotary divers' watches, or a sports watch such as Adidas watches. Watches come with many functions so if you find one that will help the wearer out in some way then it will make an excellent gift.


Find the Perfect Watch Today
If there is a special event coming up for someone you care about, or you just want to buy them a unique gift, then always consider the benefits of buying a watch. Color : such color : as DKNY WATCHES WATCHES and Diesel WATCHES make fantastic Hediyeleri for a number of Reasons, so the if you can not decide what to buy by vBulletin® then start thinking about a watch.

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Ten "Just Because" Gifts for Your Girlfriend / Wife

Gifts are necessary for any serious relationship and the more random a gift is the more significant the feeling is at the receiving end. Here are ten gift ideas that are either painless in terms of time or relatively inexpensive:

1.) Flowers. Not the traditional dozen roses before dinner. Find out her favorite flowers and go to her work and leave them on her car. The surprise element of her seeing them is more important than the gift. If you live near a Price Chopper, get flowers there they are excellent and cheaper than a local florist.

2.) Personalized underwear. There are websites that charge ten bucks for an embroidered g-string or thong. Get "Property of YOUR NAME" then with a heart on the bottom. Give them to her on a non-special occasion.

3.) Take a Day Trip. Look in your own 'backyard' for tourist spots you might not even know about and take her out to lunch there. If it's an hour ride, who cares the trip is half the fun. For people in New York, check out for some cool spots.

4.) What little things does she love? My girlfriend loves candles. A few of them costs no more than $ 15 total and it's a guaranteed good night if I have them lit upon her arrival.

5.) If you're trying to save money, ask her to a movie night at home. Then buy all of her favorite candy brands (do not ask the day of the movie which brands she likes) and her favorite bottle of wine.

6.) Purchase one of her favorite books / DVDs. These are cheap and easy gifts since you really can not lose.

7.) What reminds her of a good childhood memory? My girlfriend was an ice skater during high school and loved it. I picked her up one day and took her ice skating without telling her. Do something like this with her past interests.

8.) Get something special framed. A picture of you two or her favorite painting or poem. Have it on display when she comes over or comes home.

9.) Take a mini vacation for no reason. Use discount hotel sites to find a good deal and book it for when you're both a little stressed, then get out of town. Even if the place is boring she will be excited of your spontaneity.

10.) Save these for when she's mad at you: If you have ledges in your bedroom, buy cheap small candles around it and light them. Turn off the lights and take her in there. Or, buy a dozen roses but also a dozen single flower holders. Make a line outside her front door. And finally, write her a love letter. A genuine letter. Like why she's the one for you. Reflect on a past memory right when you met or started dating. Hide the note in a place where it will not take long to find, but long enough for when you're not around (ie her purse).

Source by Darren Samson