The Importance of Supportive Relationships

Do you leave your friends and feel energized or drained? Are your relationships supportive? Do you feel guarded or open when around them? You have friends, and you enjoy their friendship, but have you ever thought about important your relationships are?

Why all the questions?
Sometimes you need to look at your friendships and relationships with others. Having friends is an essential and beautiful part of being human. But we have many different relationships and sometimes we need to change which ones we give priority.

How many friends do you have?
You may have many friends or just a few. The importance is not the number but the value of those friends. No, I am not talking about monetary value, but the value of your relationship. Good relationships can be incredibly valuable in helping your well-being, so it is the quality that matters.

Who are your friends?
Almost everyone has a friend or friends who are vampires. Not the blood sucking kind, but after you leave their company you feel drained. In some relationships you have to be a different person than you actually are. Friendships exist where you feel forced to be friends rather than it feeling natural. These relationships are not supportive to you and chances are they are not supportive to the other person as well.

What is a supportive relationship?
When two people can honor, respect, and help each other then this becomes a supportive relationship. Sometimes one may give more than the other, but then the situation can reverse. This is a mutual gift that helps both people grow and is the gift of real friends.

Why are supportive relationships so important?
No one can deny that life is complicated. Things change in an instant, and the road sometimes gets very difficult. Following a lifetime dream can sometimes be an obstacle filled path, and good friends can help you reach your dreams.

Where can you find supportive relationships?
You can not order good friends at the store, but you can go to events you enjoy. You can be a good friend to people you meet. Get involved in life and find ways to meet more people. The more people you meet the better your chances of meeting people with whom you can build a mutually supportive relationship.

When are you supportive?
Remember a true supportive relationship means both parties are involved and supportive. Yes, there will be times when one friend brings more to the relationship than the other, but it should be give and take. Being a supportive friend helps you as well and helps your friend be supportive of you.

Source by MJ Schrader

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