The Pros and Cons of Dating a Guy From Another Country

Due to the advent of the Internet, more and more people are now getting themselves involved in a relationship with another person that is in a different country and with a different nationality. This is the reason why there are now several different sites that would allow people to connect with one another, which is also helpful to those that are involved in such a long-distance relationship setting. But before you date a foreign man in a different country, it is best that you first understand the advantages and disadvantages involved in it.


It gives you a chance to travel

Dating a foreign guy gives you a chance to travel to his country and learn their culture and tradition. So if you are someone who loves to travel a lot, then dating a foreign guy might work well for you. Traveling is also the best way for the two of you to bond and spend more time with each other, which gives you a chance to know each other well.

Financial Freedom

Most women in some third world countries are easily attracted to foreign guys because they knew that this would be their chance to gain financial freedom. They find foreign guys striking because of their ability to be a responsible partner, which is what every woman would dream of. Most foreign guys are always willing to shoulder the burden of providing for the family's needs, and thus, as a wife, your job is to mainly stay at home and take care of the kids.


There are cultural differences involved

When dating a foreign guy, it is highly expected that there will be some cultural differences involved, for you two will have different habits and practices, as well as diverse views on culture and traditions. Because of the cultural differences between the two of you, there will be a big possibility that you will not get along well, which can lead to conflicts and arguments. It is difficult for a relationship to last if the two people involved have different views and approach in life.

Long Distance Set-up

You are probably aware about the drawbacks of being in a long-distance relationship. Well, this also applies with dating a foreign guy from another country. It is never easy to be far from the person you love, so make sure that you consider this before you get yourself involved with a foreign guy from another country.

So as you see, although dating a foreign guy from another country comes with several advantages, there are also disadvantages that come with it. It is just up to you and your foreign partner on how you could work things out between the two of you, and eventually make the relationship work. But if you feel that such relationship setup is not the one for you, then you better be honest with your partner and tell him what you really feel about the relationship.

Source by Michelle R. Evans

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