Tighten Up Your Loose Vagina and Hold on to Your Man

Women want and are willing to tighten up their vagina for many different reasons. They wish to have mind blowing orgasms that will leave them feeling extremely satisfied, some want to keep their man as well as their relationship alive and happy while on the other hand many have had too many children or just simply suffering from some medical condition that has contributed to weak vaginal muscles. Whatever reasons exist, every woman wants to tighten those love muscles that will help to make their lives a lot happier.

Pay close attention to these facts and myths and then make a decision from there

Facts and myths surrounding the slack vagina

• One myth is that being tight is a good thing. The fact is that is not entirely true as the vagina is naturally suppose to be loose when a woman becomes aroused as the cervix pulls up to allow for comfortable penetration. Therefore you should be loose not tighter during the penetration process. When you are too tight your partner will take this as a sign that you are not ready.

• Another myth is that all men like it tight. The fact is not all men like this because being too tight makes it harder for thrusting and faster intercourse. Being too tight can also be an indication that you are too dry and when you are too dry there can never be pleasure.

• Having a loose vagina means that you have been having lots of sex. The fact is, the vagina contains some form of elasticity that once it is stretched to the limit it will eventually return to its normal size. So having lots of intercourse will not cause you to have a loose vagina.
There are several ways to tighten the vagina but one that I know that is guaranteed to work is Kegel exercises. Kegel muscles are located in the walls of the vagina and it helps to produce the intense pleasure that a woman feels whenever she has an orgasm. So you see tightening the vagina will help to develop stronger muscles and ensure powerful orgasms.

To carryout the Kegel exercise simply contract the lower front part of the body. You can also try this when you are urinating. Hold the urine for a few minutes then release. Continue doing this until you are finished. Once you are able to hold it then you are on the right track. Practice doing this at least six times a day everyday and you will see results. The beauty about doing kegel exercise is that it can be done in the comfort of your own home, wherever you choose, whenever you choose.

Source by Kameisha Morris

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