Why Are You Shingling Relationships? Learn the Causes and Risks of Overlapping Sexual Relationships

What causes you to be in more than one sexual relationship at the same time? Discover the causes and risks of overlapping relationships, and learn ways to step off the slippery slope for solid ground.

See if you recognize your motives for overlapping sexual relationships from this list:

Are you testing the viability of a new relationship before you leave the old one?
Are you dreading a painful break up?
Are you unwilling to be monogamous?
Do you feel vows or boundaries do not apply to you?
Are you unwilling to deprive yourself of pleasure?
Are you placing your needs and desires ahead of your partners?
Are you afraid of being single?
Are you unhappy and unsure of what you want or need in a relationship?
Are you driven by reasons you do not understand and only a 12-step program or therapist could uncover?

If you feel comfortable with your behavior and feel no need to change it or hide it from your sexual partners, there's no need to keep reading.

If you feel concerned by this behavior, you may want to weigh the rewards of continuing it against the risks.

What are the risks of being in two or more sexual relationships at once?

Medical studies indicate that adolescents and adults of all ages who engage in sequential or concurrent sexual relationships have a significantly greater risk for Sexually Transmitted Diseases "STD's" over and above the number of sexual partners.

When you have sex with one person, it is akin to having sex with every one of their past or current sexual partners in terms of your exposure to STD's.

You cause pain and risk the wrath of your current partner who inevitably finds out about your betrayal with other sexual partners.

If you entered a committed relationship and vowed to be faithful at one time, you no longer are aligned with your values ​​while you are involved in other sexual relationships. Your resulting guilt or loss of honor whittles away your well being on many unseen levels.

If you started a casual friendship that gradually developed emotional bonds (possibly non-sexual), you may have noticed how your emotional affair also steals power and passion from your primary relationship.

How do you step off that slippery slope of overlapping relationships for solid emotional ground?

– In physics, the dominant vibration wins. So rev up your best qualities.
– Strengthen your strengths so any weaknesses lose importance.
– Keep no secrets. If you are unwilling to practice monogamy, be honest and clear about this from now on.
– Either choose partners who accept your behavior, or ease the pain of your break up with a partner who will not tolerate or enable it.
– Make a commitment to love with honor and integrity in all of your relationships, including the one you have with yourself.

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